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Walk As If It's Already Done

Some people think that it's crazy to pretend or to walk as if it's already done. I don't. Everything that was ever created first existed as a thought, that thought evolved into a vision, and so on. For this dose of Monday inspiration, I want to encourage you to walk as if it's already done and then watch what shows up for you.

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Put On Your Crown

The new year's almost here. It's time to put on your crown - if you haven't done so already. Put on your crown means to no longer play small. It means to trust yourself. It means to trust your gifts and to recognize the value that you add to this world. It's time. There's a couple of free goodies in here to help you invite in the energy of the new year. Enjoy!

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A 10-Minute Technique For Clearing Your Energy Field

As an Intuitive Guide, I'm very sensitive to the energy that's around me. Sometimes just walking into a crowd of people can leave me feeling physically, emotionally, and mentally drained. I learned that I had to find ways to protect, ground, and clear my energy field, and I want to share this quick & effective technique with you. It'll take about 10 minutes of your time, but it's sooooo worth it. You'll feel lighter, clearer, and more grounded as you move through your day. Here's a 10-minute technique for clearing your energy field.

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