A 10-Minute Technique For Clearing Your Energy Field

Healing + Clearing - 10 Minute Technique


I want to share a quick and effective technique with you for clearing your energy field.

When negative energy builds up, it keeps us feeling stuck and down in the dumps.

Thoughts from the past resurface, anxiety about the future becomes dominant, and then we can’t receive the new inspiration that is trying to reach us.

Don't worry though - I've got you covered with this 10-minute technique.

This technique requires the use of visualization, but do not underestimate its effect.

Here's A 10-Minute Technique For Clearing Your Energy Field

1. Sit on the floor, in Indian style, with your back planted firmly against a wall (for extra support).

2. Close your eyes and visualize a ball of pure positive light energy above your head.

3. Flow the energy (almost like liquid) down through your body (starting at the top of your head and ending at the base of your spine).

4. As the energy is moving through your body, see it pushing all of your doubt, negativity, and fear down into the ground.

  • Be patient with this part - it may take several minutes for the light to fill your body and for all of the negative energy, doubt, and fear to be pushed into the ground.
  • Allow Mother Earth to collect all of that negative energy and transform it into new energy.

5. Once you feel cleared and lighter, imagine another ball of pure positive energy over the top of your head. Visualize the ball of energy turning the color that you associate with appreciation.

6. Allow that color to fill your body, bask in its essence for a couple of minutes, and then seal the energy.

7. To seal the energy, visualize a ball of pure positive light energy over your head again. Visualize it turning brilliant white and trace the outline of your body with its energy.

  • Be sure to close the ends of the light after it surrounds your body. Say “thank you” to Mother Earth for helping you connect to its power and for taking the old energy and transforming it into new energy.

Well There You Have It - A 10-Minute Technique For Clearing Your Energy Field

You can do this technique as many times as you need to throughout your day. I recommend doing it twice - once in the morning and once at night. It’s a great way to clear your energy field. You'll feel more clear and receptive to invite in new energy.

Be Sure To Make A Note Of How You Feel After Each Session

I noticed that when I complete this technique I feel spacious, clear, clean, and I’m able to see things from a much more positive light.

I also realize that some of the little irritations that usually cross my path either aren’t there anymore or I’m able to handle them more effectively.

Here’s to clearing your energy & feeling more connected!

Live Well & Keep Creating!


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