Monday Inspiration ~ Keep Going!

Key - Monday Inspiration - Keep Going

I was doing my positive affirmations this weekend - you know, focusing on the good, and as I was doing them, all of these negative thoughts started to pop up.

They were thoughts about not being good enough, thoughts about not being worthy of the life I have, and thoughts about not being ready for what life is calling me to do.

Alot of irrational, negative, non-supportive ideas flowed through my mind. I mean, my inner critic was really sounding the alarm. YUCK!

Yes, the thoughts stayed around for longer than I would have liked them to, but I worked through them.

I kept going because I know how good it feels when I appreciate myself, rather than down myself. I know how good it feels when I do what I love, rather than deny myself that joy. I know how good it feels to acknowledge what I can do, instead of worry about what I can't.

Does that happen to you too? When things are going really well for you and you're in your zone, all of asudden negative thoughts seem to pop up out of nowhere?

The truth is, we can write a million books based on the negative thoughts that we have stored inside, but I have to ask you...

  • Would that be helpful?
  • Would it point you in the direction of your best self?

The answer, of course, is NO.

So my message for you this week is to...

Keep going! Despite the doubt and fear.

Keep your eyes on the prize. This world is going to throw all kinds of things at you ~ especially, when you are moving past your old beliefs & limits. You have to stay focused though. 

  • Embody those positive thoughts.
  • Do your self-care rituals.
  • Remind yourself that you're worthy of all your heart desires. 
  • Keep moving in the direction of your vision.

You have to do what's best for you, and wallowing around in negativity is not the answer. 

Don't get me wrong.

I am not saying to put a happy face sticker over everything or to pretend it's not there. What I am saying, is to feel the feelings, and then let them go. 

Don't let negativity get too comfortable in your space. 

You can feel the feelings without letting them bury you.

It's possible. You just have to be more concerned with the possibility rather than the past.

Sometimes, we have these grand visions for the future, but we don't realize that we are still haunted by our past (our past thoughts, our past insecurities, and our past perceived failures).

You have to let that go in order to move into the life you really desire for yourself.

Keep going! You're capable of transforming your life! #mondayinspiration @SpiritandMuse (Tweet This)

It's going to take a little practice and a little patience to ease into your new state of being. It's going to take a little practice for you to stop doubting yourself and to believe that you are worthy of all your heart desires, but you'll get it. 

How do I know?

Your future self just told me so. 

Live Well & Keep Creating!


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