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Put On Your Crown

The new year's almost here. It's time to put on your crown - if you haven't done so already. Put on your crown means to no longer play small. It means to trust yourself. It means to trust your gifts and to recognize the value that you add to this world. It's time. There's a couple of free goodies in here to help you invite in the energy of the new year. Enjoy!

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Monday Inspiration ~ Keep Going!

Monday's here again. The start of a new week. This week's inspiration comes straight from a lesson that I learned this past weekend. While doing my positive affirmations, alot of negative thoughts kept coming up for me. They were unhelpful, unsupportive, and irrational. So what did I do when faced with certain triggers? I kept moving in the direction of my best self anyway, and I encourage you to do the same.

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