Nothing Ever Has To Be Difficult Again

Ease - Allow - It Doesn't Have To Be Difficult

I want to share something with you that has helped me save alot of time and energy. 

You know when you're thinking about doing something and dreading it? It takes up so much time and energy to run scenarios back and forth in your mind.

And by the time your inner critic gets a hold of it, and tells you all the reason you shouldn't do it or can't do it, you've lost all motivation to get "that thing" done.

I'm going to give you a simple tip that will save you alot of time and energy.


That's it. Nothing ever has to be a drain or be difficult again.

A while ago, I decided that either I'm going to put my time & attention into a thing or I'm not. When I notice myself dwelling over a decision, I remind myself that it doesn't have to be difficult. Either I'm going to do it or I'm not. It really is that simple. 

My goodness ~ how much time and energy that has saved me.

So give it a try.

The next time you're going back and forth over a possible decision ~ just give it a yes or a no. If it's a yes, take your time and do it. If it's a no, that's okay. Just don't beat yourself up over it. 

I know that we all have this inner sense of responsibility and obligation, but you get to decide what you direct your energy towards. Stop the inner judgment and realize that you will always know what's best for you. 

You can give it your all if you need to, and if you aren't feeling up to it, just say no.

No decision ever has to be difficult again. Give it a yes or give it a no (and that's okay too). (Tweet This)

You don't have to go back & forth in you mind about things (you'll be there all day). Just decide, and trust that you will always know what's best for you.

Live Well & Keep Creating!


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