7 Things A Mother Of A Toddler Wants But Would Never Ask For

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I was reading an article a while ago about things women want from a guy, but won’t ask for, and it immediately sparked the idea for this post.

The blog that I read the other article on escapes me, but I thought it would be nice to put together a list of things that a mother of a toddler wants, but would never ask for.

It’s funny how one idea can spark another idea, and I want to see if other moms out there resonate with this list.

So here goes.

7 Things A Mother Of A Toddler Wants But Would Never Ask For

1. A Day At Home - All Alone

  • No screaming child, no to-do lists, and no one to tend to - all day long.
  • Just her, all by herself. Peace and quiet, a glass of wine, a good book, and maybe even a nap for once.
  • But don’t go all day without checking in. She wants to hear that her little bubba is doing okay. So she’ll gladly accept a check-in call every now and then.

2. To Enjoy A Plate Of Food - By Herself

  • The arms up and the “gimme, gimme, gimme” is sooooo cute from time to time.
  • But I am sure she would love to just sit down, and savor that plate of spaghetti by herself for once.
  • Don’t get me wrong, momma loves to share, but for once she would probably love it, if her toddler's fingers weren’t in her food.

3. To Use The Bathroom Without Her Toddler In There

  • How many times have you tried to sneak away just to use the bathroom? And how many times have you actually succeeded? Almost none - right?
  • Your little one is not having any of that. You being alone, in the bathroom, without him or her there, is like a nightmare to a toddler.
  • They can’t stand the idea that you may be “doing something in there” without them. So yea, just a simple trip to the bathroom - alone, would be nice.

4. To Focus On Non-Motherly Things and Not Feel Guilty

  • Every mother probably wants to sneak off and do non-motherly things without feeling guilty.
  • We have other dreams. GASP. I know… it’s hard to say. It really is. I am cringing as I type it, but I love to work sometimes and I have other interests. I know… GASP again.
  • I also love exploring, having time to myself, and doing non-motherly things too. Come on, you know it’s true.

5. She Wants Her Toddler To Stay Little Forever

  • It’s true.
  • We want our little ones to stay little. We love the hugs, and the unconditional love that they give to us, and we just don’t want it to change.
  • The thought of them growing up, and moving on, and finding their own way makes us proud, but at the same time, makes us want to cry.

6. A Toddler Remote With A Mute Button  

  • For the days when her toddler is acting up, throwing a tantrum, crying, or calling her name a million times.
  • All it would take is one little button. Mute.

7. To Have A Toy-Free Living Room

  • Yes oh yes. It’s a mother’s dream to come home, and actually be able to sit in the living room without seeing flashing lights, and balls, and toy hammers, and toy cars all around.
  • Oh the joy she would experience to have her living room - actually be a living room.
  • I don’t think you would meet a person on the earth more joyful than a mother that has a toy-free living room.

Well There You Have It - 7 Things A Mother Of A Toddler Wants, But Would Never Ask For.

This list was created in fun. I love my son. He is my world, and one of my greatest teachers.

You know, as mothers however, it’s good that we have some sense of community, and really say how we feel.

Although this list was created in fun, all of these things are true.

We mothers do have other interests, we do enjoy time alone, and having a toddler is a lot of work.

You make sacrifices, you put up with things that you would never put up with from other human beings, and sometimes it’s alot to deal with, but you gotta know that you’re doing a great job.

All the moms out there that are catering to their children, putting their dreams on hold so that their children are secure, managing their business and juggling a toddler, and working to raise decent human beings - you all are doing a great job.

I just wanted to humor you with this list and let you know that.

Live Well & Keep Creating!


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