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7 Things A Mother Of A Toddler Wants But Would Never Ask For

This list was created in fun. I saw an article a little while ago that sparked the idea for this post, and I wanted to see if other mothers could relate to this list. Remember it's all in fun. I know we love our children and wouldn't trade them for the world, but sometimes we just gotta put the truth out there, and have a good laugh.

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Motherhood: My Toddler Is My Teacher

How can someone so small (a 2-year-old), teach me so much about myself? It's amazing what you can learn from watching your little one live life. Our toddlers are moody sometimes, irrational, and they want what they want, but even with all of that rebellious behavior, our children have so much to teach us. Come find out why my toddler is my teacher. 

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