6 Ways To Silence Your Inner Critic

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We've all got one.

That annoying ass voice that tells us that we aren't good enough, haven't done enough, or that things are not going to work out right for us - if we try something new.

If we listened to our inner critic all the time, we wouldn't get anything done.

It bothers me to see people with so much potential constantly shutting themselves down because of the negative chatter that goes on in their mind.

I have done it to myself, and I see it happen often.

Your inner critic is trying to keep you "safe", but it has a reallllllly funny way of showing it.

It takes the experiences that you "think" you have failed at, groups them as "dangerous", and then when you go to try and do something similar, the inner critic rears its ugly head.

When something becomes a pattern it's more difficult to get rid of. You have to actually train yourself out of the behavior. 

So I've compiled a small list of things that you can do to silence your inner critic. Save the list, take it with you, and when you inner critic starts making noise, you'll know exactly what to do. 

Here are 6 ways to silence your inner critic.

1. When You Recognize Your Inner Critic's Voice - Stop It Immediately

  • Do not feed it more negativity. The more negativity you feed it by agreeing with it, the more momentum it picks up. Don't lean into the negativity.

2. Redirect Your Thoughts

  • For instance, if your inner critic says, you're not good enough, stop that train of thought immediately, and redirect the energy.
  • You can say things like, I'm getting better at what I do, I'm showing up, or there is a way for me. Replace the negative chatter with something positive.

3. Simply Do What You Believe Is Right

  • Have you ever been in a situation where you almost talked yourself out of something great? However, when you trusted your gut, the experience turned out to be better than you ever thought it could.
  • The more you follow your inner guidance to those great experiences, the less your inner critic will have to feed off of.
  • Doing what you believe is right - regardless of the inner critic, helps you create those new experiences, and you'll get rid of the belief that your inner critic is always right.

4. Focus On The Good

  • What do you have to offer? What can you do? Why did you start? Focus on that rather than all the tiny things that you may not know how to do at this moment.
  • What can you bring to the table in your art? What does work out for you? Focus there, instead of on the negativity.

5. Practice Feeling More Secure With Yourself.

  • Sometimes we literally have to "pull the confidence out of ourselves".
  • Do it, until you start to feel that confidence come naturally. The more confident you feel, the less your inner critic will have to say.

6. Recognize That What You Desire - Is Not Up For Debate

  • You don't have to call in a second opinion. So when it comes to matters of your heart, recognize that the inner critic is not necessary. It's there sometimes, because you have allowed it to be, but you don't need its input.
  • All you are trying to do is find the quickest, least resistant way to get you to your heart's desires. Move the inner critic aside for a while and move in the direction of your dreams.
  • Here's a Soul Whisper's Audio Track "Some Words For The Inner Critic" to help guide you along this journey.

Well, there you have it - 6 ways to silence your inner critic.

I know it's not always easy to do, but we can train ourselves away from the constant negative chatter that goes on in our minds. 

It takes times, it takes patience, but once you feel the relief, you'll see that it was well worth the effort. 

Live Well & Keep Creating!


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