Walk As If It's Already Done

Fake It Until You Make It

Have you ever heard the phrase "fake it until you make it"?

That's kind of what "walking as if" means.

That vision (that dream) that you have for yourself is very REAL. It has real energy behind it and it's showing itself to you because it wants to manifest in your life.

Some people think that pretending is silly. They think that playing with the energy of their dreams or walking as if it's already achieved, signifies some kind of delusional state.

They're so wrong.

Every single thing that was ever created was a thought first.

That thought evolved into a vision, the vision produced a state of being, that state of being produced inspired action, and then the dream started to become a reality. That dream job, business, scenario, relationship, or ideal client that you see for yourself ~ is already there.

The reason that our manifestations get held up is because we sometimes hold on to thoughts, ideas, and fears that do not support what we're asking for.

When you work from a space of doubt and fear, it slows down the process.

To get past that, start playing with the energy of your dreams.

Start walking as if it's already done.  How would you feel if you were living your dream - right now? How would you act? How would you feel about yourself - knowing that you brought it to life?

Envision it and then step into that state of being (right now). You don't have to wait for it to manifest to feel its energy (right now).

Get yourself ready, remain open, emit the energy, and then watch what fills your space. 

Stanislaw Lem says it best with this quote: " A dream will always triumph over reality, once it is given the chance". (Tweet This)

Give your dreams a chance by embracing them and by walking as if it's already done. There's no reason why that dream can't come true for you.

You living your ideal life and thriving, gives others permission to do the same. So stop holding yourself back from realizing that dream. Walk as if it's already done and then watch what shows up for you.

Live Well & Keep Creating!


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