What Pregnancy Taught Me About Letting Go

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I have a confession.

I can sometimes be a control freak.

Most of the time I want to know where, when, why, and how something is going to happen.

I am the kind of person that gets anxiety from waiting for surprises and gets very annoyed when I can’t figure out what’s coming next.

Pregnancy took that "control freak" part of me and humbled it.

There was nothing that I could do from the moment that I found out I was pregnant. I was ecstatic but also very much afraid that I would have no control over the process.

  • I would have to spend 9 months not knowing what my surprise looked like.
  • I would have to wait to hold my baby in my arms.
  • I would have to go to sleep not knowing if everything was going to be okay and wake up to anxiety attacks because I wasn’t sure if I could support my child and if I would be able to provide everything he needed.

All that waiting, anxiety, & not knowing and there wasn't a damn thing I could do about it.

Life is like that too.

When you're building a business or going after your dreams, you have no idea what the outcome is going to be. You have to spend months - sometimes years waiting for your dreams to grow, but just like having a child, you have to trust in the unseen.

You just have to hope for the best, keep yourself in good health, allow yourself to grow, and face the challenges as they come.

I had no control over my baby’s development.

  • I didn’t know how many fingers and toes he would be born with.
  • I didn’t know if I was going to be able to make him comfortable when he was born.
  • I didn't know anything. At all. About having a baby of my own.

But because it was my heart’s desire to bring a child into this world, everything that I needed showed up.

I realized that I didn’t have to be so afraid and that I didn’t have control over the process anyway. All I could do was relax into what had the potential to be a great experience - if I let it.

I now get to see my gift (my son) everyday.

Everyday, there is something new that I love about him. I allowed myself to receive what I really desired – regardless of not knowing exactly what the outcome was going to be.

If there is one thing that I want you take away from this article, it’s that life is unpredictable sometimes. You cannot control every aspect of it, and it’s exhausting to try.

All you can do is expect the best, trust in the people that are around you to do what they came to do, trust in your ability to nurture yourself into the flow of receiving, and then watch the experience manifest into something beautiful.

Live Well & Keep Creating!


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