40+ Ways To Feel Good Right Now

Spirit + Feel Good Now - 40+ Ways

So your day might not have started off that well.

That's okay.

All it takes is one step back in the right direction to get things turned around.

If you had a rough start to your day, try one or several of these feel good activities to get you back on track.

Here are 40+ Ways To Feel Good Right Now

1. Go For A Walk

2. Listen To Good Music

3. Have An At Home Spa Day (View Inspiration)

4. Visit The Library

5. Have A Cup Of Coffee

6. Buy Yourself Something Nice

7. Wash Your Face (Water Is Refreshing)

8. Go To The Beach

9. Have A Cup Of Tea

10. Visit A Pet Store

11. Draw/Doodle

12. Play A Game

13. Paint

14. Color (Yes In A Coloring Book)

15. Meditate (Listen To Omharmonics)

16. Take A Shower

17. Go For A Swim

18. Go For A Run/Exercise

19. Look Through An Old Photo Album

20. Play With Your Children/Grandchildren

21. Journal Your Desires

22. Smile (Yes Really - Just Smile)

23. Order Your Favorite Food

24. Change Into Your Favorite Outfit

25. Look At The Stars (If It's Nighttime)

26. Watch Your Favorite Movie

27. Search Funny Videos On YouTube

28. Get A Manicure / Pedicure

29. Get A Massage

30. Write A List Of All The Things You Appreciate

31. Go For A Drive

32. Take A Break (Yes It's Okay To Step Away From Your Work)

33. Sing Out Loud

34. Buy Yourself Some Flowers

35. Text Or Call Someone You Love

36. Go To Your Favorite Spot In Nature

37. Say Yes To The Thing You Want

38. Do Some Scrapbooking Or Pinteresting

39. Do A Crossword or Word Search Puzzle

40. Play With Your Pet

41. Dance

42. Go Fishing

43. Indulge In Your Artistry

44. Go To A Museum

45. Find Out What Your Love Language Is

Well There You Have It - 40+ Ways To Feel Good Right Now

I hope these tips help you get back to feeling good - if your day didn't start off that great. One step in the right direction is all it takes to change things.

Live Well & Keep Creating!


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