Creative Fear & 3 Tips To Help You Work Around It

Creativity & Fear

Fear is a part of the creative process.

Partly because we are moving into the unknown (which we usually have a negative response to) & partly because we are bringing something new to life (you know how overprotective we get over our babies - *our creative projects).

The thing is...

Fear is always going to be there, in one form or another.

It's the thing that we have that helps keep us alive. It's our senses heightened, it's us looking out for danger, and it's the sense that helps us preserve life. When fear shows up, it's not there to hurt you. It's actually trying to help you.

When it comes to creativity however, fear is a hindrance if it gets too out of control.

You wind up feeling paralyzed, you're unable to flow, and you wind up feeling disconnected from the very thing that gives you life - your creative core. I'm going to give you 3 tips to help you work around your creative fear.

It doesn't help to run and hide from it because by doing that, you are dimming your creative life-giving spirit, and giving your power over to the very thing that is holding you back.

Just like contractions are an inevitable part of pregnancy; fear is an inevitable part of creativity.

Here are 3 tips to help you work around your creative fear.

1. Give Yourself Permission

Sometimes fear shows up because we think we are doing something wrong by going our own way and doing our own thing. Before you start your next creative project, give yourself permission to dive into it fully.

That will calm down the "who gave you permission" feeling.

Right away, you have established that you - yourself, has granted you the authority to create. If your fear further questions your authority asking, "why little ole you thinks you have the authority"? Tell your fear that your higher-self gave you permission.

The higher-self does not back down from fear because it knows what fear truly is, and your fear cannot go up against your higher-self and win.

2. Remind Yourself That You Are Worthy

Fear also shows up when we think we are inadequate in some way.

The truth is however, we have the right to express ourselves and we don't need any credentials to do it. You've lived enough life to determine what you would like to direct your energies towards. Sometimes however, we don't feel prepared enough or that we are talented enough to share our work with the world.

That's BS.

You must consider that the creative force is speaking to you because you are the person that it would like to work through. Remind yourself that you have everything that you need inside of you.

As you open to your creative expression, you will evolve. You'll also get everything that you need along the way, to help you express more freely.

3. Your Art Is Not A Competition

Lastly, please remember this...

Art is how you express yourself. It's not a competition. (Tweet This)

In a way, through your art, you are getting to know yourself more deeply. You are not competing with anyone.

Sometimes when we feel "up against" others, fear shows up. You may immediately start to assess your performance or wonder how you are doing in relation to others.

When in reality, creativity is just supposed to be you expressing yourself - that's it. Your lens, your filter, your life experiences, and your qualities are the uniqueness that you are bringing to your art. There is no one else like you on the planet.

Trust me when I say - You Are The Only You. 

You have to trust that your true spirit will show through your work. No one can compete with that because no one has the same combinations of talents, gifts, and qualities that you do.

So there you have it - 3 tips to help you work around your creative fear.

I know what it feels like to be held back by fear, but I also know how good it feels when I am able to walk myself through it, calm myself down, and give myself permission to create anyway.

Actually, I am doing it right now as I create this post.

Sometimes, I feel like who am I to do this work? But I've learned to love myself through the fear and create anyway.

You never know who you're going to touch just by having the courage to share yourself with the world.

Live Well & Keep Creating!


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