Transitions, Change, And Getting There Gracefully

Transitions Change And Getting There Gracefully

There are so many different changes and transitions going on nowadays.

It's hard to keep up with it all without feeling anxious, frustrated, or like your head's spinning. The "getting there", feels like it's taking FORVER sometimes, but there is something that I want you to know.

The happening is happening even when it feels like it's not. (Tweet This)

Even when things don't seem to be changing, something is trying to blossom.

You just may not be pleased with how long it's taking... I feel you. It's annoying for sure. And words don't do it. They don't take away that anxious feeling or the feeling that you're doing something wrong (because things aren't happening fast enough). Transitions are sometimes uncomfortable.

But there is a simple solution that may help soothe some of the anxiety & discomfort.

Just breathe... 

That's it. You're at the right place at the right time. Make that statement your mantra. You have this present moment to fill. So try to fill it with the best of You. 

And I want to add again, the happening is happening even when it feels like it's not.

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Think back to all the times you thought things weren't changing for the better and then something shifted.

  • Someone called.

  • An opportunity showed up.

  • You met someone new that led to something new.

  • You got through it.

It happened.

This time is no different. 

The key is to try to find a way to be comfortable "on the way to" your new piece. 

It will feel like forever if you struggle. 

If Life has to pull you by the hair and you're grabbing onto every chair on the way, and like a toddler (throwing the worse tantrums) about it not happening right this second... the journey to "that new job, that new love, that big break", is not going to be pleasant.

Let me save you some time by saying the tantrums don't work (not in your thirties+ anyway) ~ I've tried it many times and it's a mess. So pretty please, don't go there. Try to transition gracefully. It makes for a better ride. 

And eat something. Because frustration, anxiety, and hunger don't mix well. You'll feel much better with some food in your system. Don't you just feel shitty and out of it when you haven't eaten anything?

I'm just joking, but seriously we tend to look out for so many other people and take on so much responsibility, that we forget something as simple as "eating" during the day ~ basic self-care.

Take care of yourself during the transition. Don't think that you have to wait until all the pieces fall into place before you can actually feel good and show up for yourself. 

Change is going to happen and sometimes we don't have all the steps, but compassion helps. Take your time, pace yourself, breathe through it. You may even have to be your own guru at times. You've got the skills ~ and during the time of transition, you're going to have to put those skills to work.

Do what you can ~ when you can.

If the transition involves developing or learning a new skill, get to it and have patience. You're not going to learn it all in one day.

Here's a little Spirit & Muse Snapshot for transitioning. I really hope it helps.

Try making peace with where you are and follow your joy/curiosity. When you're content, the "getting there" won't seem so long. I'm rooting for you. Positive change is coming. Just hold on and have compassion for yourself during the transition.

Live Well & Keep Creating!


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