You Are Enough - Really? My Thoughts About Motivational Quotes (When Life Sucks)

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You’re here, so that means you’re interested to see where I’m going with this.

Let me start off by painting a picture for you.

Say you’re having a bad day. The alarm didn't go off, you're computer has been acting up all day, you missed an important call, and your little one or your teen is having the. worst. day. ever. - right along with you.

You haven’t been able to get any kind of grip on the day, on your child’s mood or even your own, but of course the phone rings.

It’s your mate and you two can’t agree on dinner (something that should be real simple, but for some reason you can’t seem to hang up the phone without almost bursting into tears or wanting to punch someone in the face).

You don’t punch anyone (of course), but you do get the itch (to scroll through your phone - social media), just to escape your own life - for just a few seconds, and you come across this message…

You Are Enough.

Doesn’t your blood start to boil?

You pause to check and see who would put that kind of nonsense up (with the kind of day that you’ve been having).

It sure as hell doesn’t feel like you’re enough. You’ve failed every possible task of the day (in your mind), and here this person is, posting her shiny message…

You. Are. Enough.

I know, in that moment, you just want to fling your phone across the room. 

Does that sound about right?

If it does ~ don’t feel bad. I’ve been there so many times. More times than I can even count - really.

But my goodness, when you slow down or pause or when someone does something funny to break that tension - you feel brand new.

Almost like a different person. That motivational quote all of sudden doesn’t feel so bad.

But I know how it feels when you’re in the middle of what seems like your life’s falling apart and you see a motivational quote telling you…

“You Are Enough” or even better (even better) to “Be Yourself”- when you’d rather be anyone else at that moment in time.

It’s just annoying (when you’re in a bad mood or when life sucks).

But honestly, can I say something to you?

You are enough simply because you’re here, getting up everyday, trying to make things work for the better.

You’re enough because despite all the pressure you feel to go a certain way or conform to society's standards of success - you’re following the beat of your own heart.

And sista, that ish is hard sometimes!

You are enough because despite all that life has thrown at you - you’ve taken most of it with a smile and have still kept your heart open.

  • You still give. 

  • You still forgive.

  • You still strive for better.

  • You are still molding life’s clay - every. single. day.

I’m proud of you.

Life has given you so many reasons to say f*ck it, but you are here - still seeking ways to move through the chaos and shine bright.

I see you, and I want you to know that when you see those inspirational messages - they are for you. Your fear and doubt may not want you to believe it, but they are for you.

Just like there are things in life that dampen your spirits - there are things in life to uplift you too.

You are watched over and you are loved - even when it feels like you’re not. You’re here because Life wants you to know that you’re perfect (just the way that you are). 

Go ahead and explore, cry, fall, get back up, break wide open, pick up the pieces, and try again, but remember - you are not any of those circumstances and you are not what you do.

  • You are joy - hiding and then showing itself again.

  • Covering up and then revealing itself again.

  • Lowering and then rising again. 

You are joy. Express yourself, in any way and at anytime you decide to. (Tweet This)

You are enough. Take this with you on your journey if it resonates.

Live Well & Keep Creating!


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P.S. I know you have some friends that are tired of hearing the "you are enough" quotes too, go right ahead and forward this post to them. A little humor + beauty (at the end) = all they really need. 

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