Is Fear Stopping Your Progress? Here's A Nudge In The Right Direction

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My son gets on his bike (without his training wheels).

I’m right there, to nudge him in the right direction ~ I mean my hand is right there on his back. His father is the goal (he’s standing maybe 10-20 feet away).

I say, “Okay son, you know how to pedal ~ all you have to do is keep pedaling. You’ll make it to daddy ~ he’s right there. I’ll start you off; keep pedaling and daddy will catch you. He will not let you fall ~ okay?”

My son responds, “Okay”.

I can hear the quiver in his voice and can see that he’s terrified. He doesn’t trust his ability to steer, to hold his balance, or to reach a very clear post (his dad ~ who isn’t that far away). There’s no doubt at all coming from our side ~ we believe in him and so, we start him off. The second I take my hand off of his back, so that he can pedal on his own (to a very clear, well-defined, right-in-front-of-him goal), he takes his foot off of the pedal, loses his balance, and the bike falls.

As creatives (artists, writers, healers, storytellers, you name it), we get that way too.

Am I right?

We have the know-how, we’re inspired & ready to go, but the minute it’s time to let up off the brakes (and go with the flow ~ in confidence), we doubt ourselves, lose our balance, and fall out of alignment with our very clear (custom-made) path. We’re looking around to see who agrees with us or we fear that we don’t have what it takes to reach the level of success that we dream of.

But we do!

That’s why you started in the first place. That’s why you were inspired ~ because you CAN do it.

You may have fear riding along with you ~ jumping at every caution sign it sees, remembering all the things that went wrong in the past, calculating the probability (from its perspective) of things going right or wrong. Let me save you some energy though; fear, 99% of the time, thinks that things aren’t going to work out. The fear in you only knows that perspective.

So as a heart-centered creative, you’re going to have to use your skills to help fear see the bigger picture.

You have what it takes.

You have a well of resources within you and around you to help you walk in your purpose and live the life you dream of. There’s always help if fear is stopping your progress and this is one nudge in the right direction. Just because you’ve stopped or fallen a couple of times, it doesn’t mean that you don’t still have something meaningful (and valuable) to contribute. You know alot more now than when you first started out. So consider picking back up your tools, honing in on your (very real) skills, and this time…

Don’t stop pedaling ~ not for fear anyway.

Here are a few Spirit and Muse resources that may help as you find your way through fear to your true spirit (which can find a way to do anything that you really desire to do). Check out the free resources below.

~ Listen to The “Designing Your Life” blog series ~ for new inspiration on the process of creation.

~ Listen to “Some Words For Your Dreams” ~ this will help shift some of the fear-based feelings.

~ Try These Authentic Marketing Tips ~ to help get your message/work out in a heart-centered way.

~ & Here are some Free Desktop Wallpapers ~ to help keep you aligned as you continue on your path.

There is so much more here for you to explore. Those are just a few of the resources that are available and I hope they inspire you on your journey. I’m rooting for you!

Live Well & Keep Creating!


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