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9 YouTube Channels To Help You Expand Your Consciousness + Rock Your Business + Create Fearlessly

There are so many wonderful teachers and gurus out there that can help guide you. I've compiled list of 9 YouTub channels that will help you expand your consciousness, rock your business, and create fearlessly. No matter what your calling or path is, I'm sure someone on this list will inspire you. So, come check it out.

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Creative Expression & The Fear Of Spontaneity

Creativity is a natural expression of the human soul. It's a form of us tuning into the Infinite realm and bringing the unseen to life. Creativity is meant to come easy, but a couple of things hinder that current - fear and rigidity. We can't fathom the idea that something else has control and knows exactly what we need, but it does, and it's inviting you to start creating without all the "rules" that we're accustomed to.

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