9 YouTube Channels To Help You Expand Your Consciousness + Rock Your Business + Create Fearlessly

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So you're looking for ways to expand your consciousness, to create the kind of business that makes your heart sing, or for ways to navigate through your creative & spiritual journey in general… 

I’m so glad that you’re here.

There are so many wonderful teachers and guides who have helped me along my spiritual, creative, & heart-centered business journey, and I’ve compiled a list of 9 YouTube channels that I believe can help you expand your consciousness, rock your business, and create fearlessly too.

Inspiration is the first part.

You’ll have to mix your own medicine. Meaning, take and implement what inspires you, and leave the rest.

I trust that no matter if you’re a healer, intuitive guide (like me), an artist, a teacher, life coach, photographer, painter, or if you’re a web designer you’ll find someone on this list who inspires you. 

Here are 9 YouTube Channels To Help you Expand Your Consciousness + Rock Your Business + Create Fearlessly

  1. Marie Forleo at Marie TV
    • What I Love About Her: She's authentic and really wants people to create a business and life that they love. She shares experiences from her personal journey and also interviews experts from all over the world on the topics that matter most.
  2. Danielle LaPorte
    • What I Love About Her: She’s raw and gets straight to the heart of things. I love her no BS personality, and that she’s a huge advocate of you finding your own way, listening to your intuition, and you being your own guru. She speaks the white hot truth (the name of her new book by the way) about what’s going on in the self-help field, the spiritual field, and on current events. She’s a breath of fresh air.
  3. Brooke Castillo at The Life Coach School
    • What I Love About Her: I love her delivery, her style, her confidence, and her dedication to the topics that she loves to teach. She breaks things down in a way that’s easy to understand and she backs up her discoveries with research.
  4. Angel Richardson
    • What I Love About Her: She’s bold, honest, and really makes you feel like anything is possible. Whether it’s breaking down barriers, setting boundaries, or fearlessly living true to yourself, she’s one woman that I love to watch. I’m sure she’ll inspire you too.
  5. Sunny Lenarduzzi
    • What I Love About Her: I love love love that her videos are short, sweet, and to the point. You can learn so much about branding, using your social media platforms, and growing your audience in well put-together short videos.
  6. Aaron Doughty
    • What I Love About Him: I love that he’s so woo-woo. Just kidding, but he does take woo-woo concepts like the law of attraction, creating your own reality, and expanding your consciousness and breaks them down in a way that’s easy to understand. He also gives you steps that you can take right now to start seeing the results.
  7. Connie Chapman
    • What I Love About Her: She’s so damn kind. She takes her time, speaks from the heart, and really delivers valuable insight to help you align as you move through your path of spiritual growth & discovery.
  8. Veronica Krestow
    • What I Love About Her: She’s heart-centered and helps you navigate your journey as a life coach, creating abundance for yourself, and so much more. She takes her time, tunes in, and delivers content that connects.
  9. Flora Bowley
    • What I Love About Her: She’s a beautiful intuitive artist that helps you find your own style and rhythm as a painter/artist. Her work is so beautiful, and she inspires you tune into your own creative flow through her videos and presence.

Well there you have it ~ 9 YouTube Channels To Help You Expand Your Consciousness, Rock Your Business, and Create Fearlessly

Explore the channels, and again, mix your own medicine. That’s what we’re all here doing in life. I do believe in following what resonates. Time and time again, what I resonate with seems to help me the most. 

If it doesn’t resonate with you, it’s not your message. If the content is not uplifting, you can move on to something else that lights the spark in you.

Wishing you all the best on your spiritual and creative journey.

Live Well & Keep Creating!


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