It's About Progress Not Perfection

Progress Not Perfection


Some days I'm all about Ghandi & loving life. Other days, I can't even get my shit together.

That is the "hit it right on the nose" quote written by @be_that woman that I read while scrolling through my Instagram feed. That quote is me all the way. Some days I'm flowing, optimistic, and centered, and other days, (ummmm) not so much.

How about you?

The thing is...

No one is perfect. There is not a guru, a teacher, or leader on this earth that has not experienced a bad day or dark nights of the soul. 

There's a comment that I remember that was made by a beautiful teacher/life coach. Although she is a beautiful spirit, there were 8 words that she said that almost crushed me.

She said, "you can't afford to have an off day".

Immediately, my mind went to p e r f e c t i o n i s m - can't get it wrong, can't mess up, can't have a bad day, etc.

The truth is however, we are human.

We're going to mess up, we're going to have bad days, and there are going to be periods in our lives that honestly just suck. It's not about putting on a happy face sticker and pretending that everything is alright.

It's about moving through the bad times, and moving everyday in the direction of your highest self.

It's about progress - not perfection. (Tweet This)

From our human perspective, we can't see how far we've really come, and how much we've really transformed. If we could, I don't think that we would judge ourselves so much. So make mistakes, mess things up a little bit, and know in the end, you're still whole. You still get to wake up with another chance to get it right.

Again, it's about progress - not perfection.

We're all here in this crazy big, beautiful world trying the best we can, to live a beautiful life.

Live Well & Keep Creating!


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