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It's About Progress Not Perfection

In this day and age, we tend to place such high standards on ourself and on other people. By seeing the world through the eyes of those standards however, I think that we miss something truly beautiful - our growth and progress. It's about progress - not perfection. We need to embrace all the facets of our being, and realize how far we've truly come.

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The Missing Piece That May Soothe Your Perfectionism

Very seldom are our mistakes, hiccups, and detours off the traditional path, celebrated. As we go through life and experience the backlash of not getting it right, I think it does something to us. It has us believe that if we mess up, fall, or if we are not up to par, then we are unwanted, unloved, and unworthy. That belief, then has us get into a "perfectionist" mindset. Here's the piece that I believe may soothe that perfectionism.

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