The Beauty Of Transformation

Transformation + Progress Not Perfection


Sometimes change is subtle.

Sometimes you don't even realize how much you've transformed.

Do you take the time to acknowledge even the small changes you've made?

It could be something as simple as no longer fearing that thing that held you back for years, or reaching out to someone after months of not talking to them, or taking the steps to be more open and trusting to your life force.

Those things matter.

Sometimes, transformation is something as small as allowing yourself time to breathe, taking a few minutes to yourself each day, or beginning to write down your desires.

Sometimes it's no longer being afraid of what people have to say about you, not being worried about fitting in, or something as silly as no longer being afraid that your blinds are open at night.

Any change in yourself that makes you feel better or invites more harmony into your life, is transformation. (Tweet This)

Acknowledge even the small things.

Every little change that you make to honor your desires, release tension and stress, or that moves you in a positive direction, is transformation.

Acknowledge all that you've shifted.

Keep digging, soul searching, readjusting, changing your thoughts, honoring your dreams, and shifting your beliefs. Your actions are having a far greater effect than you may realize.

When you open more to the fact that you are doing a great job, you will see the huge transformation that you have made, and you'll see that it's quite beautiful.

Live Well & Keep Creating!


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