Your Dreams Need Your Help

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Have you been waiting for something to manifest?

For example: a new job, a relationship, funding for your business, or some place new to live?

If so, I'm here to deliver a message to you. No matter what it is that you are waiting to manifest, your dreams need your help.

What I’m referring to is, moving into the allowing mode.

You've set your intention, you may have written down your dreams, and have even taken some actions steps to get things started. That's great!

Now it's time to move into the allowing mode. The allowing mode requires that you:

  • Have belief in your dreams.
  • Walk as if you have already achieved your desired outcome.
  • Keep your thoughts and feelings in alignment with what you say you want.
  • Trust that you're on the way to it.
  • Keep the way clear so that you can receive the inspired action steps to take.

Your dreams want you, just as bad as you want them.

So that means that you have to remain optimistic and trust that all you have asked for, is on the way.

Read "5 Tips To Help You Manifest Easier" for more guidance.

You are worthy to receive your desires. Start walking as if you have already achieved your dreams. (Tweet This)

Hold your head up high, smile, feel worthy, and speak as if it’s already there.

I even use the magic of pretending to help me get into the feeling place of having my desires. Believe me - it works! If you have to fake it - until you make it, do it. 

I received the inspiration to create this post and as I am typing it out – a commercial comes on the tv that says, "your dreams need your help".

Word for word, it aligned with the post that I was writing.

Is that not a synchronistic moment or what! That's what the signs and impulses feel like. Follow your inspired impulses and the universe will show you synchronicities that help remind you that there is something bigger guiding you.

Appreciation and patience also helps.

I think of my son when I think of impatience. When he gets hungry he starts whining - so I rush to the kitchen to prepare him a good meal (one that he'll enjoy - I know all his favs). As I am in the kitchen preparing his food, he'll stand there throwing a tantrum.

He doesn't see that I'm doing exactly what he asked me to.

He doesn't understand that I'm preparing his lunch (just the way he likes it).

All he sees in that moment, is his need not being met right away.

He'll stand in the kitchen whining and pulling on me - not realizing that the more he acts like that, the longer it takes me to get him what he asked for.

Life is like that too.

Your higher-self, angels, and God energy hears you.

It's preparing a way to get you exactly what you've asked for, but are you holding up the process by negative thoughts, disbelief, and fear that things aren't working out for you? If so, now's the time to ease up on that.

Trust the process.

Your answers are there, but it takes inspired steps to get to the end result that you are seeking. So remain open, keep your spirits high, walk as if it's already done, and make it easy to align with your dreams.

Here's a free 30-Page Soul Wisdom For Bringing Your Dreams To Life Guide - for more guidance.

Live Well & Keep Creating!


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