5 Tips To Help You Manifest Easier

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Manifestation is a topic that I hear alot about in the spiritual/creative field.

We all want our needs and desires met, and we want to get those needs & desires met in the quickest way possible. It’s not shallow or selfish to look at this abundant Universe, see the possibilities, and then desire change in your own life.

So if you’ve heard that desiring better for yourself or going after your dreams is selfish, throw those ideas in the trash where they belong.

While it's true that life is not just about acquiring things, your dreams do deserve expression. It’s a part of the reason why you’re here ~ as a human being.

While I can’t promise you instant manifestation “per se”, I can give you 5 tips to help you manifest easier. 

Once you get a few things straight, you’ll be inspired to co-create with your creative core (life force), and you’ll start enjoying many new beautiful experiences.

Here Are 5 Tips To Help You Manifest Easier

1. Work On Your Beliefs

Now before you click off the page (because you’re tired of hearing that phrase), just hear me out. It’s something that we have to get straight. If we don’t believe something is possible, we aren’t going to put much time or effort into bringing it to fruition.

A belief is an idea that you fix in your mind. That’s it.

If you believe that you can only get to something “one way” ~ than we already have a problem. The Infinite does not work that way.  It has access to everything.

  • It can get you to the right place at the right time.
  • It can set you up with a meeting with the right person.
  • It can deliver that lover that you’ve been dreaming about.
  • It can even give you the idea, that will lead to the money, that will fulfill your desire.

Do you get it?

So you have to work on your beliefs about what you’re working with (The Infinite), what you can have (your worthiness), and how you can get it (there are so many ways). Don’t limit yourself. The Infinite is very creative. Try to imagine and see unlimited ways for that thing to manifest.

2. Build A Relationship With Your Creative Force (Experiment With Manifestation)

Experience is the best teacher. In order to start manifesting quicker, you have to build up the belief that anything can be delivered to you, and you do that by experiencing it.

There’s an excellent book called E-Squared by Pam Grout.

She gives you 9 do-it-yourself energy experiments that prove your thoughts create your reality. It’s a great book that came to me by me following my intuition. I loved it and I recommend that you go get yourself a copy or pick it up at your local library. Who doesn’t love a little experimenting ~ right?

Once you start building belief in your connection to the Infinite Field and you start experiencing your ideas coming to fruition, you’ll be inspired to work in harmony with this force all the time ~ which makes manifesting much easier.

3. Keep A Journal Of All The Good Things That Happen To You

Maybe your friend bought you a coffee, or someone let you over in traffic, or you found a good parking spot at a super-packed market.Those are all good things. Start to write them down. Line by line in your journal.

Writing them down let’s your inner being and creative force know that you’ve been receiving the winks that they’re sending to you, and it also says “yes please send me some more of that”.

Honor those things and show appreciation for them. The Universe will show you more and more just like it.

4. Keep A Journal Of The Experiences You Would Like To Have

They say if you want something, ask.

You writing down the experiences that you would like to have is like sending little notes to your creative force to let it know what to focus on. Once you start building belief and experiencing things come in the strangest ways, you’ll be checking those things off the list in no time.

I even have a little journal of my own where I put all the things I would like to manifest. I highlight them and put a star next to them once they come to fruition. It can be anything from a new delicious meal, or a free cup of coffee (got a coupon for that a couple of weeks ago), to an all-expenses paid vacation.

You get to decide. So write it down.

5. Pay Attention To How Your Life Force Is Speaking To You

Pay attention to the nudges that you’re getting to go to specific places or to try out different things.

I’m sure there’s been a time when things just lined up in your favor. How did you get the impulse to do whatever you did, that made that thing manifest? Did your intuition speak to you, did you have a dream, did you overhear someone talking about something that intrigued you?

There are so many different ways for the Infinite to communicate with you. Pay attention to how it does.

You may hear a song on the radio (that’s exactly what you need to hear at the time). You may see a quote while you’re on social media (that speaks to your heart). Those are all signs that your life force is communicating with you. Don’t discard the signs.

Pay attention, and you’ll be able to notice when it’s pointing you in the direction of something you would like to experience.

Well There You Have It - 5 Tips To Help You Manifest Easier.

It really is all about finding your connection with the flow, building belief in it, listening for the cues, and then acting. It has the ability to line you up with what you need and desire. You’ve gotta be receptive though.

If you’re out of tune or don’t believe, you’re not going to be open to the cues that it’s sending you.

The answers are there. The way is there. This article came from the creative core. I had to be receptive to the "idea of it" in order to sit down and start creating it.

That's the process. An idea/dream/vision, the inspiration/cues sent to you, and you moving along with the flow. That's it.

It takes time and patience sometimes, and we don’t always hit the mark, but we can create alot less effortlessly than we’ve been experiencing. Be open to it being easier.

Live Well & Keep Creating


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