10+ Affirmations To Help You Align With More Abundance

Abundance Affirmations


So you're looking for some ways to align with more abundance, to invite in the energy of receiving your heart's desires, and to accept the flow of abundance without apologies...

You've come to the right place. 

Affirmations are positive truths that help you focus your energy towards favorable outcomes.

What we feed ourselves (mentally) and what we accept as the truth, fuels how we act and what we create. Alignment is all about viewing your life the same way that your Soul does. Your Soul is the most expanded, unlimited, and abundant version of You. 

You are meant to receive abundance effortlessly. 

I believe that by writing down your affirmations, speaking them out loud, and embodying their energy, you can get your mind to accept this truth...

You are an abundant being ~ capable of manifesting effortlessly. (Tweet This)

I'm all about guiding you to the awe, wonder, and abundance that you came here to experience. So, grab a composition notebook, choose the affirmation that resonates with you the must, and write it down (over and over again until it fills the page).

Once you've written down your affirmation, speak it out loud, and embody its energy. What I mean by embody its energy is to feel each word as you write or speak it, and embrace the positive feelings that come with it.

Your mind will start to come up with all kinds of examples and positive images as you speak the words out loud. That's great! Just let it flow and let the images accompany the affirmations. 

Repeat the affirmation about 10 to 15 times out loud (embodying its energy) daily.

You'll start to feel yourself connect with the affirmation, and it will get easier and easier to get into the feeling place of abundance. That's when you know that it's clicked. You'll start to feel one with it, and that means that your mind is starting to accept the truth of the affirmation. 

When you create the change inside (energetically), your exterior circumstances will change as a result. Give it a try.

Here are 10+ Affirmations To Help You Align With More Abundance (Tweet This List)

  • Affirmation #1  
    • I joyfully and easily align with my heart's desires.
  • Affirmation #2
    • I am aligning with easier ways to experience more abundance.
  • Affirmation #3
    • Money flows to me easily and effortlessly.
  • Affirmation #4
    • I welcome abundance in all forms.
  • Affirmation #5
    • I am becoming aware of the abundance that's all around me.
  • Affirmation #6
    • My joy is my guide.
  • Affirmation #7
    • Life is creating beautiful, abundant experiences for me to align with.
  • Affirmation #8
    • Life supports my heart's desires and I am well taken care of.
  • Affirmation #9
    • Abundance flows to me easily & steadily.
  • Affirmation #10
    • There's joy in the journey.
  • Affirmation #11
    • My abundance consciousness is flowering beautifully.
  • Affirmation #12
    • Abundance is my birthright.

Well there you have it ~ 10+ Affirmations To Help You Align With More Abundance.

Which affirmations resonate with you the most? Be sure to let me know in the comments below.

Are you willing to practice writing them down daily, speaking them out loud, and embodying the energy of the ones you resonate with? Please say "yes".

That's the key.

Abundance is a state of being. Embrace that, flow it through your mind & out into the world, and watch what comes back to you.

You can also check out "The Shift - Poverty To Abundance" digital album to align with a state of being that allows more abundance to flow. It's a guide to helping you shift from lack, fear, and worry (the poverty consciousness) to plenty, confidence, and reassurance (the abundance consciousness). Any change that you create internally, begins to change your experiences externally. I'm rooting for you and I wish for you to align with overflowing abundance.

Live Well & Keep Creating!


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