What Is Your Calling?

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I want you to consider something that you may have never heard before in reference to your calling.

It may seem like you have searched high and low for the “thing” that you were put on earth to do, and you’re still looking.

I am glad that you're here because I want you to consider this idea...

You already know what your calling is.

Now stick with me for just a little bit.

Think about it.

  • You know what you are in love with.
  • You know the activities that bring you pleasure.
  • You know the way that you love to express.
  • You know the things that light you up.

The question isn’t “what is your calling?”

The Question Is...

Why aren’t you tending to your heart’s desires?

Be honest with yourself - there is something that you really want to be doing, but why aren’t you giving yourself the YES? Why aren’t you expressing in the way you really want to? Why are you holding yourself back from the things that you love to do?

What you love and are drawn to, are clear signs as to where your focus and attention should be pointed. (Tweet This)

The things you are drawn to, invite you to investigate them, to explore them, and to open yourself up to them.

Fabienne Fredrickson says it even better with this quote...

The things you are passionate about are not random, they are your calling.
— Fabienne Frederickson

Your base calling is to express your soul.

That’s what you are here to do. You are here to be the best version of yourself (your soul & highest expression).

Just ask yourself, "what brings out the best in me, what am I interested in, what makes me smile, what do I want to be doing - that I may not be allowing myself to do?"

Whatever Those Things Are - Do That!

That’s it. That is what you are supposed to be doing. The things that bring you joy.

If you need more structure than that, here are some tips.

  • Find the causes that hit close to home with you, and join those organizations.
  • Find the groups that are about the things that you stand strongly for, and add your voice to them.
  • Visit the places that speak to your heart, that open you up, and that fill you with a sense of excitement.
  • Go for the jobs that mean something to you. Go for the jobs where your unique vision and talents are appreciated. Don’t settle for just anything.

Your unique preferences, ideas, visions, and qualities matter.

Your gifts and talents are looking for a way to be expressed easily.

With that said, you already know yourself.

There may be some things that block you from indulging fully in the things you would like to, but those blocks need to be removed.

Your calling is right in your face. You just have to stop denying yourself of what you really want.

Like I said before, you know what you are good at. You know what lights you up. You know what you are curious about. You know what subjects spark excitement in you. Follow that!

Direct your energy towards those things.

Go after it, and don’t let anything hold you back.

It’s hard sometimes - trust me - I know, but you have to calm down your nervousness and fear. You have permission to go after what matters to you. You have permission to follow your passion.

Just take little steps. Trust yourself a little more. Trust your joy a little more, and move in the direction of what speaks to your heart and of what you are interested in.

Trust the process. You are uncovering who you are and looking for ways to express that as freely as possible, and that is your calling.

Live Well & Keep Creating!


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