Self-Discovery Journaling Day 3: What Has Hurt You?

Self-Discovery Journaling Prompt (Vulnerability)

Welcome To 21 Days Of Self-Discovery Journaling

These self-discovery journaling sessions are an invitation for you to get to know yourself better, for you to tune into what your heart, body, & mind have to say, and for you to connect with your soul. Here are a few guidelines for you to follow as you commit to each session. 

  • Try not to judge what you receive
  • Write freely & set your inhibitions aside
  • Be honest with yourself
  • Listen to your inner world and honor what it has to say
  • Have fun with these journaling sessions
  • Try the alchemy practice at the end of each session (it will help you realign your energy & direct your focus)

For Day 3, You're Encouraged To Tune Into What Has or Is Hurting You.

What You'll Need

  • A Journal/Notebook or 3/4 Pieces Of Paper (See Alchemy Practice Below)
  • A Pen 
  • A Box Of Tissues
  • 25 to 30 Minutes Of Free Time
  • A Quiet Place To Journal

Journaling Steps

Before you begin, I want you to be aware that this journaling session may trigger some intense emotions. Please make sure this is something that you feel comfortable doing alone. You don't have to do it alone though. If you feel like this session is too deep and is going to trigger emotions that you cannot handle alone, please do not move forward.

Also, I am not a mental health specialist or a licensed physician. The process below is simply something that has worked for me to help me release negative thoughts and past hurts. If you feel ready, go ahead and view the steps below to start your journaling session. 

  1. Take a few moments to tune into an issue that has been bothering you. It can be something from the past that still haunts you, it can be an issue that you are currently going through, or it can be something that happened not too long along. You're being given the opportunity to tune into something that is hurting you or that has hurt you & to express it.
  2. After you have the situation that you want to write about, start to journal about it. Write out how you feel. Write out who was involved. Write out why you feel the way that you do. Express what the situation makes you feel like doing. Do not filter your writing. Just let it flow.
  3. Don't judge yourself during this process. Your Soul is with you and wants you to acknowledge that you feel hurt, betrayed, angry, sad, or whatever word comes up for you. Your feelings matter and holding the stuff inside is no good for you. It's best to find a way to express yourself - even if it's just through writing.
  4. So this is an invitation to do so. Write it all out, let the tears flow, breathe through it, and take one step at a time. Give yourself the time you need to get the words out. 
  5. Once you're done, take a deep breath, and read what you wrote. Listen closely to what you are saying. Listen with compassion. Listen with understanding. Listen with care. The wounds can only be healed once you acknowledge your feelings, express them, and then let them go.
  6. These journaling sessions are here for more than just venting. So try the alchemy practice below and I also created a short Soul Whisper's track ~ "Some Words For Your Pain" ~ to help you release the situation and embrace the new. 

Take Your Journaling A Step Further

  • If you want to add a different dimension to this journaling session, draw a picture of what has hurt you. Use markers, or paint it, or just draw it. You don't have to be an artist and it doesn't have to be perfect. Draw a picture of what has hurt you and surround it with the inner thoughts that this situation brings up. Let it flow and don't filter yourself. You're bringing this image to life, not so that it can hurt you more, but so you can confront what has hurt you, and then lay it to rest once and for all. 


Take the pieces of paper that you wrote this journal entry on to a safe place for burning (you can burn them in your fire pit or fireplace - those are safe places). If you don't have a fireplace or pit, please make sure that you have a safe container to burn them in.

When you're ready, go ahead and light the pages and let them burn. 

This is the part where you are releasing this issue. You have acknowledged it, you have expressed your feelings about it truthfully, and now it's time to let it go. 

As the pages burn, remind yourself that you are ready to let this go now. You no longer have to beat up on yourself or hold animosity towards anyone else for this situation happening. You have grown and are ready to move past it. 

Applaud yourself for being willing to heal, and gently let this situation fall away.

*Be sure to put the fire out completely when the pages are done burning. 

Well There You Have It ~ Day 3 Of Self-Discovery Journaling

If you need help to release blocks, embrace your path, or to work through any of the issues that you discovered during this self-discovery journaling session, a Soul Session may be right for you.

You'll get to work directly with me and my spirit guides to move through your blocks, embrace your path, and move in the direction of your highest good.

You'll get in-depth feedback from my spirit guides, key steps to help you move forward on your journey, and a 10 minute personalized guided meditation (created based on your unique situation). If that sounds like something you're interested in follow me to view the Soul Session details.

Live Well & Keep Creating!


Intuitive Guide

P.S. I would love to hear from you. If you received any "aha" moments or revelations during your journaling session feel free to email me and tell me all about it. I love when people tune in and discover more than they expected. 

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