Self-Discovery Journaling Day 13: Your Inner Child

Self-Discovery Journaling Prompt (Inner Child)

Welcome To 21 Days Of Self-Discovery Journaling

These self-discovery journaling sessions are an invitation for you to get to know yourself better, for you to tune into what your heart, body, & mind have to say, and for you to connect with your soul. Here are a few guidelines for you to follow as you commit to each session. 

  • Try not to judge what you receive

  • Write freely & set your inhibitions aside

  • Be honest with yourself

  • Listen to your inner world and honor what it has to say

  • Have fun with these journaling sessions

  • Try the alchemy practice at the end of each session (it will help you realign your energy & direct your focus)

For SDJ Day 13, You're Encouraged To Tune Into Your Inner Child.

What You'll Need

  • A Journal or Notebook

  • A Pen

  • 25 to 30 Minutes Of Free Time

  • A Quiet Place To Journal

Journaling Steps

  1. This should be alot of fun. Take a few minutes to visualize your inner child (she's happy, vibrant, and full of life).

  2. Ask her what she needs and start to write down what she is telling you. What does she dream of? What kind of art does she like? What does she want to do with her time?

  3. Are there any parts of her life where she feels neglected? Check in with her to see how she wants to be nourished and nurtured.

  4. What games does your inner child love to play? Does she have any invisible friends and what's their energy like ~ why does she love them so much?

  5. What are some of her favorite places to go? Where does she feel the safest? Tune into her and give her room to say exactly what she feels. Acknowledge her dreams as well as her needs & find a way to honor what she's asking for. Maybe those dreams have evolved now that you've become an adult, but your childlike spirit is still there. How can use your inner child's energy to breathe new life into your dreams? Write it all down.

Take Your Journaling A Step Further

  • If you want to add another dimension to this journaling session, go ahead and create a piece of art representing your inner child. Use fun bright colors and different materials. Bring your inner child to life visually. What are some of her favorite sayings and what does she enjoy? Add all of that to the drawing/painting/vision board.


Alchemy is all about changing things from one form to another.

In this case, you'll be transforming the"idea" of your inner child into actual action.

For this alchemy session, I want you to write down 3 ways that you can ground your inner child's energy. How can you incorporate your childlike spirit back into your art, your business, or into your everyday life? Write down 3 ways that you can bring your childlike spirit to life and then do it.

You also can honor your inner child's energy by doing some of the activities that she would like to do, wearing your hair in the way that she would like you to, or dressing in colors or designs that she would love. Take a few pictures to remember the day. Your childlike spirit is always there and she'll love the fact that you're choosing to honor her (even if, it's just every once and a while).

Have fun!

Well There You Have It ~ Day 13 Of Self-Discovery Journaling

If you need help releasing blocks, embracing your path, or aligning with your highest good, a Soul Session may be right for you.

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Live Well & Keep Creating!


Intuitive Guide

P.S. I would love to hear from you. If you received any "aha" moments or revelations during your journaling session feel free to email me and tell me all about it. I love when people tune in and discover more than they expected. 

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