Designing Your Life Blog Series Episode 4: Open To Receive

Designing Your Life Blog Series - Open To Receive


Welcome and thank you for tuning into Episode 4 of the Designing Your Life Blog Series (Open To Receive).

In this episode, Ray (My Spirit Guides), talk all about remaining open to receive. Once you have launched a dream or a desire and the Larger Field gets your request, it sends the signals back to you in the form of inspired action steps, inspired thoughts, synchronicity, etc. You must understand what you're working in harmony with, trust those signals, and take the inspired action.

There's inspiration all around you, and there are 100 different ways to get you from where you are to where you want to be.

You must act on those inspired thoughts/impulses, and then you'll be on your way to the manifestation. We'll talk all about remaining open to receive in this episode (Episode 4 of the Designing Your Life Blog Series). Be sure to let me know if it resonates. Enjoy!

Transcript Of Episode 4: Open To Receive


We are most appreciative to be here with you again today discussing the topic of designing your life.

It is our pleasure to see you align with the things that you know that you’ve focused on and that you’ve desired for your life.

We appreciate you taking the time to listen in on our perspective of the designing your life process. We want you to know that you have pulled this series, in this format, out of the Larger Field.

Your asking and desiring to understand and apply these principles, is what is calling this forth. Now, we are not the only way to understanding, there are several paths for you to receive the inspiration and information you need, to live a more fulfilled life. This is one way.

You are here listening to this because you are open to receiving the information ~ in this way.

Being open to receive just means that you have launched a dream or a desire, the Larger Field got your request and is beaming a signal back to you. A yes, I agree, this is one way to what you desire type of signal, and you’re open to following the impulses that are leading you right to where you said you want to be.

The fact that you’re here means you are open to receiving waves of inspiration through this series ~ and those waves of inspiration are a piece to your puzzle.

Being open to receive also means that you have allowed your beliefs to match what you’ve said you desired. As we discussed in the previous episode, it’s your belief systems that sometimes slow down the manifestations and you receiving more inspired action steps to take.

It’s almost as if the current stops at your belief systems, and it has to work its way through that before it can offer you more steps to take or before it can get you to your favorable outcome.

Have you ever been inspired about something and then backed out of it? That’s the fear that stems from some of beliefs that you hold inside, and the inspirational current needs to move past that in order for you to take the steps necessary to see your dreams to fruition.

You are here, and that means that you’ve launched some desires, got the yes back from the Infinite, and you’re on your way to discovering how much easier this process can be.

We recommend that while you’re waiting for your dreams to hatch that you always keep a positive mindset. Know, that what you’ve said you desired is okay and it’s being worked on for you.

So remain positive in your expectation of that thing being delivered to you. Remaining positive matches with the vibration of your Soul. Matching with the vibration of your Soul (in relation to what you said you wanted) is what brings those things to life.

The second thing that we recommend is to not get so caught up on the how or the when.

That slows down the process. Being open to receive means that you understand what you are working in harmony with, and therefore you TRUST that it’s going to deliver things through the shortest, quickest, most comfortable route available.

Trust is a huge key to remaining open to receive. (Tweet This)

Life Quote ~ Spirit Guides

You must keep the path clear of doubt, and fear, and misconceptions.

Life wants for you, what you want for yourself. Anything that you have deemed as an improvement to your reality ~ your Life Force agrees with it ~ your Soul agrees with it. So take a shortcut and don’t fret and worry that what you dream of is too much or inappropriate. If it inspires you and lights you up, your Life Force agrees with it.

So clear the doubt, clear the fear, and know that you have a force on your side that is very very intelligent.

It doesn’t see limits, it can deliver what you’ve asked for in 1000 different ways. You need to see the possibilities just like it sees it. You have to open yourself up to the fact that the Infinite doesn’t have limitations.

  • You have fears.
  • You have doubts.
  • You have things that you may believe about yourself that aren’t necessarily true.

But remember this, the Infinite doesn’t have those same doubts and fears. The Infinite sees no limits whatsoever.

You are connected to the Infinite and must vibrate in harmony with the Infinite if you are going to design and birth the kind of life that you desire. If you can trust in that force, the same way it trusts in you, that is what being open to receive is.

You’ll start to realize that the only difference between you and it is where your focus is and what you “believe” you’re capable of. You have access to the imagination and power of the Infinite. Remain open to seeing the many different ways that this Life can satisfy and delight you.

That is our message here for you today. Blessings to You ~ Dear One.

RAY (The Spirit Guides)

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Well there you have it ~ Episode 4 of the Designing Your Life Blog Series (Open To Receive)

So how did you like this episode? Drop a few lines below (in the comment's section) and let me know your thoughts. 

Remaining open to receive is all about trust. Trust in what you're working in harmony with. Trust that what you've asked for is on its way to you. Trust that you will receive the inspiration to act or move (when the time is right). It's all there. 

There is nothing that you want for yourself, that can improve your circumstances, that your life force doesn't agree with. Life wants for you, any improvement or dream that you want for yourself. 

You're getting the signal (right now) that your dreams are possible. Ask for clearer signs if you need them. Ask for synchronicity, if that's what helps you believe/trust. Ask for help with releasing your doubts and fears. Here are some words for your dreams ~ if you need some inspiration to keep going. It's a short audio track with an inspiring message.

You're working in harmony with Life, and anything is possible. The "Ask - Believe - Receive" motto sounds too simple to be true, but it really is the way. You ask, Life gets your dream and provides the blueprint for you to get there. You then tune into the inspiration and inspired steps that it's offering to you, and you're on your way. 

Remain open, remain positive, and trust in your ability to bring your dreams to life.

Live Well & Keep Creating!


Intuitive Guide

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