Designing Your Life Blog Series Episode 5: The Process Summed Up

Designing Your Life Episode 5 - The Process Summed Up


Welcome and thank you for tuning into Episode 5 (the final episode) of the Designing Your Life Blog Series (The Process Summed Up).

In this episode, Ray (My Spirit Guides), sum up the entire process of designing your life. They go through each step and detail how to work with the Larger Field (The Infinite, The God Force, The All), to consciously align with your heart's desires and shape your reality. It's important to know what you're working in harmony with, and also to know that it wants to co-create with you. The Infinite has no problem creating possibilities for you, and I hope this series helps you to align with all your heart (truly) desires. Enjoy!

Transcript Of Episode 5: The Process Summed Up


We are most appreciative to be here with you again today discussing the topic of designing your life.

The process is very simple, and we intend to sum this process up in the clearest way that we know how.

We know that you are looking for ways to connect to more joy & more beautiful experiences, and you will.

It’s just a matter of believing that there’s way more for you to experience. So just stick with us until the end, and we’ll have summed this process up for you in a way that is easy to understand and connect with.

So the first step in the process is to understand your connection to the Larger Field. The Larger Field is also called the Infinite, The All, God, Source, The Universe and there are so many other names for it.

We want you to begin to see the Larger Field as the playground of possibilities. It’s where all energetic presence exists before it is called into form. (Tweet This)

That means that this energy force is huge, unlimited in its potential, and can transform itself into many different patterns, waves, and blueprints.

What’s pulled from the Larger Field is what you intend to have happen, what you have focused on, what you believe about your reality, or what you have visualized (with or without) resistance.

That’s what’s created from this space.

Now that you know what you’re working in harmony with, you get to decide what you would like to see or experience next. You’re sending information to this field all the time. So it doesn’t necessarily need to hear you say what you desire to create. It gets the signals all the time and creates many different waves of possibility for you to experience that thing or something just like it (in essence).

Once it creates possibilities for you, you get inspiration. You get inspired thoughts, impulses, some people get visions, or hear phrases. That’s you picking up on the signal of the direction to take to get you to where you would like to be.

The thing that slows down the process the most is your belief system. Behind every negative rigid thought, is a fear, an insecurity, or a misconception about life. Those constant negative or rigid thoughts set up what you allow yourself to experience.

So what that means is that you can really desire change for your life, and you can send that signal to the Infinite, and the Infinite can set up many different ways for you to experience that “new feeling” you desire or the new experience, and it sends you a signal back (in the form of inspired thoughts, impulses, things to do, actions take, etc).

If that current runs smoothly, you’re on your way to the improvements that you said you wanted, but if you have rigid thoughts or beliefs that do not support the “new dream” it slows down the process.

That’s why it’s important to readjust your thinking and to change what you believe is true about yourself and your life experience. We see so many of you struggle with this part.

It doesn’t have to be difficult.

Create Your Reality Quote

Changing your beliefs is simply about what you accept as the truth. You can think 60,000 thoughts a day, but if they don’t stick, there isn’t that much power behind them. It’s what you accept as the truth that is shaping your reality. It’s what you accept as the truth that allows for you to experience your creations freely or for them to be held back.

If you have doubts about yourself, your ability, your reality being on your side, or what you’re worthy of, the current of inspiration has to struggle through those beliefs in order for your dreams to manifest.

In other words, there are several road blocks in the way. That’s what slows things down.

There can be a route for you to get from one destination to another, but if there are several road blocks in the way, and detours that you’re taking, then you must admit that the journey is going to take a longer time.

You running the thought “I don’t have enough money” through your mind all day, is very different than you running the thought “life is creating new possibilities for me to experience more money”. Which thought, supports the new dream? Which thought is a road block? You can clearly see the difference.

So you just have to replace those old thought systems with new supporting thoughts. It doesn’t just stop at that thoughts though ~ you have to begin to act as if you are a worthy recipient of the things you’ve said you desire. You have to start realizing that life is on your side and that you can create anything that your heart truly desires. That or the essence of it.

  • Belief paves the way.
  • Trust paves the way.
  • Believing in your ability to create paves the way.
  • Remaining positive paves the way.
  • Focusing on what you desire paves the way.
  • Gratitude for the fact that your Life Force can rearrange itself into anything that you need paves the way.
  • Following your joy paves the way.

All of those things pave the way for you to experience what you would like to.

It’s as if you know what you’re working with, you align with it, take inspired action, and then “that thing” or “experience” just shows up. But it’s not magic. It’s just that you allowed it to happen. Your thoughts were aligned, your vibration was steady, your beliefs were steady, you kept your fears and doubts in check, and that allowed it to move into your experience.

The most beneficial thing that we can give you to help you align with the Life that your heart truly desires is this…

When you align with how your Soul views your life, the magic happens. It’s not really magic though – it’s designed to work effortlessly.

When you think about your life, yourself, and your experience the same way that your Soul does, you’re aligned, and life just gets easier and more expansive, and more fun.

That is the key.

Your Soul always sees possibilities, it always knows a way out, it always sees the best in you, it gives you a YES and adds its enthusiasm and focus to any vision that you have decided that you want to bring to life.

How will you align with your vision the same way that your Soul is aligning with that vision? Because that is the key to designing your life.

Trust, seeing all the possibilities, focusing, receiving the inspiration and inspired action steps to take, taking them, and then allowing yourself to witness the desired outcome.

That is the process. Trust it.

Align (trust your inspiration, feel good, take inspired action) and then receive.

Align & Receive. Align & Receive. Align & Receive.

That is our message here for you today. Blessings to You ~ Dear One.

RAY (The Spirit Guides)

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Well there you have it ~ Episode 5 of the Designing Your Life Blog Series (The Process Summed Up)

So how was it? Does any of this inspire you or resonate with you? Let me know some of your thoughts in the comments below. 

As humans, sometimes I believe that we tend to complicate things. The process of designing your life however, was meant to flow effortlessly. You were meant to work in harmony with this force to bring your deepest visions to life. 

It can and will breathe life into your dreams. 

You just have to trust what you're working in harmony with. It can create effortlessly, so doubt & fear don't have to be introduced to the equation at all. 

It's beautiful to receive the inspiration for a new idea, to follow those impulses, and watch them payoff. That's the joy of creation that you came here to experience. 

Believe in your ability to dream it up, align with the Infinite, and then see it to fruition. 

Live Well & Keep Creating!


Intuitive Guide

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