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Welcome and thank you for tuning into Episode 3 of the Designing Your Life Blog Series (Belief Systems).

In this episode, Ray (My Spirit Guides), talk all about the current of inspiration bumping up against certain thoughts and beliefs that you may hold true about yourself. When the current of inspiration bumps up against those beliefs, it slows the designing your life process down. Ray encourages you to acknowledge the blocks on your path as beliefs or ideas you have accepted about yourself, that do not match up with the blueprint of your desired outcome. Once you're aware of what's in the way, you can shift it. Here's Episode 3 of the Designing Your Life Blog Series (Belief Systems) ~ Enjoy!

Transcript Of Episode 3: Belief Systems


We are most appreciative to be here again with you today discussing the topic of designing your life.

This part of the series is one of the most important parts because it is the thing that slows down the process the most, and we really want to focus on getting you to shift your energy when it comes to your belief systems.

As we discussed in the previous episodes, you are working in harmony with the Larger Field all the time to design the kind of life experiences you would like to have during your time here on earth.

When you send a signal to the Larger Field, the Larger Field creates many different possibilities for you to experience what you would like, and then sends you a signal back in the form of inspiration.

That means you get a pure yes, “this is the way” sign, right from the start. That signal travels to you, you get inspiration to act or move in the direction of your desired outcome, and then something blocks the current.

It’s usually your belief systems.

Belief Quote ~ Designing Your Life

Your beliefs are ideas that you hold true about yourself. They are ideas that you have fixed in your mind.

You pick up these beliefs systems as you move through your day to day experiences from your teachers, those who have come before you, from tradition, and from the way that society has decided that things should work.

In other words, some of your beliefs are just ideas ~ they aren’t necessarily true, it’s just that, those things are what you are conditioned to think and believe.

So, when you start to acknowledge that there is a connection between you and the Infinite and you want to explore that realm and create possibilities for yourself, you feel good about that, and then you start to move.

Then all of asudden, you wonder why you’re backing out of a course you decided to take, or why you aren’t motivated anymore to continue in your business, or why there are blocks on your path at all.

We want you to acknowledge the blocks as something you are thinking about yourself or something you have accepted as the truth, that does not match up with the blueprint of your desired outcome.

We want to say it again.

We want you to acknowledge the blocks as something you are thinking about yourself or something that you have accepted as the truth, that does not match up with the blueprint of your desired outcome.

In other words, if you say that you want to align with a career that lights you up, but you secretly hold thoughts that say, you’ll never find it, there is no way, all of my friends are stuck in jobs that they don’t desire to be in, if you hold those thoughts, they are not in the blueprint to get you to where you desire to be.

Instead, the thoughts or beliefs that can keep you moving in the direction of where you want to be are, the Infinite can create anything, there’s new positions opening everyday, life knows where I would most be appreciated at, I am capable of aligning with something that works better for me, I do desire and deserve a position where my capabilities are appreciated and well compensated, and where I can do something that makes a difference.

You see, those are the beliefs that back the dream. The other beliefs are things that are going to slow you down.

So we want to make this clear, a belief is just an idea that you have fixed in your mind. In order to shift any belief, you have to experience something different to get your mind to switch to the new possibilities instead of holding onto old rigid beliefs.

In order to experience something different, you have to intend to change your thinking, change your habits, change how you view yourself, and what you feel you’re worthy of.

If you can run the idea that you don’t have enough money or time through your mind 1000 times a day, you can switch that and run the idea that life is creating more possibilities for you to align with more money and more freedom.

It’s a simple switch and it makes a world of difference.

The only reason you believe that you don’t have enough money or time, or that you aren’t enough, or that you don’t have certain skills to move you towards what you desire, is because you haven’t practiced the vibration (the essence or feeling place) of stepping into your power.

In other words ~ you haven’t made the feeling real for yourself. Why? Because you don’t think it’s possible. You don’t think it’s that easy. You don’t believe that stepping into the feeling place is what then creates the manifestations. You think it’s the opposite way around.

That’s it.

That’s the only difference. You have to create a different energetic pattern (or experience) inside of yourself (in relation to that dream), and that happens by you opening up the path and recognizing that life is not limited at all.

You today, can begin to walk as if things are rigged in your favor. You today, can begin to say, no thank old thoughts I’m trying something different. You today, can begin to say, I know that’s the traditional way, but I’ve got a dream of something bigger and better for me, and I intend to move towards that. You today, can begin to say, Life is giving me the yes, how will I align my energy with the vision that it has for me?

That’s it. That’s all that's needed. Then the current can flow smoothly. Then you start to see things line up for you. Then you start to feel that something big is working with you ~ because it is.

You get to decide how smoothly this current flows. You get to decide to switch how you view your world. You get to honor beliefs and thoughts that are a part of the most favorable outcomes for you.

You don’t have to accept all the thoughts that you think. (Tweet This)

You don’t have to accept ideas and beliefs about yourself or your life that do not support your biggest dreams. You don’t have to accept them.  You can shift them.

The doubts and fears shift once you have practiced your alignment with the new energy and new thought patterns. It just takes practice and you are more than capable of writing yourself a new story. One that fits with the awe, and the wonder, and the abundance, and love that you came here to experience.

So begin today.

That is our message here for you today. Blessings to You ~ Dear One.

RAY (The Spirit Guides)

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Well there you have it ~ Episode 3 of the Designing Your Life Blog Series (Belief Systems)

I love Ray's description of the blocks on our path being ideas that we have accepted about ourself that don't match up with the blueprint of our dreams. How about you? Write to me here and let me know your thoughts about the episode. Once we know that those thoughts and ideas don't match up with the blueprint of our desired outcome, we can work to choose thoughts and beliefs that are more in alignment with what we say we want.

The designing your life process was meant to flow effortlessly, but as humans we tend accept things about ourself that do not support the dreams we are trying to bring to life. You can shift it however and allow that current to flow effortlessly ~ again.

Live Well & Keep Creating!


Intuitive Guide

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