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Welcome and thank you for tuning into Episode 2 of the Designing Your Life Blog Series (Inspiration).

In this episode, Ray (My Spirit Guides), talk all about the current of inspiration that is sent to you as a signal, after the Infinite has created different experiences for you to line up with. That means Life is on board with anything that you have decided is a heart's desire, an improvement to your experience, or something that brings you joy. Life is on board and sends you a pure signal for the way to manifest those experiences. It's up to you to ground that energy, keep your thoughts & actions in alignment with the current, and then see it through to fruition. Here's Episode 2 of the Designing Your Life Blog Series (Inspiration) ~ Enjoy!

Transcript Of Episode 2: Inspiration


We are most appreciative to be here with you again discussing the topic of designing your life.

In the previous episode, we spoke about the Larger Field and your connection with that space.

We spoke about you living your day-to-day experiences and you sending information to the Larger Field about what you would like to experience or see in your physical reality next.

The Larger Field then creates possibilities for you to experience that thing or something “in essence” just like it.

You then begin to get ideas and inspiration. That is what this episode is about. After the Larger Field has created the possibilities for you, you begin to get ideas for inspired action to take.

The inspired action can be anything from journaling, to visiting a place, to calling a friend, to taking a class, etc. It doesn’t really matter what the action is, if you’re inspired, you can rest assured that the action is in some way a piece to the fulfillment of something that you said you desired.

That’s where inspiration comes from.

You, by living your day-to-day experience, sent information to the Larger Field about the improvements you would like to see in your life, experiences you would like to have, or things you would like to see, and then the Larger Field created many different possibilities for you and sent you a signal back in the form of inspiration.

There are waves of inspiration all around you. (Tweet This)

It doesn’t matter what the desire is, you are being sent waves of inspiration all the time.

When you overhear a conversation about a topic that you’ve been thinking about, that’s a wave of inspiration. When you get inspired to create a piece of art or something helpful, that’s a wave of inspiration. When you hear a quote or a song that plays at the right time, that’s a wave of inspiration.

Now, you can’t always tell where it’s leading, but we recommend that you notice those winks from the Infinite and you follow the inspiration, because it’s only going to lead you to somewhere you said you wanted to be.

You don’t get the inspiration, unless it has something to do with the fulfillment of one of your desires.

You could just want to have some fun, so a friend calls you and says lets go to dinner tonight. You don’t know that there’s all kinds of “fun” possibilities planned for you, but there are.

You just have to accept the invitation.

That’s the way life works.

You live your experience, you decide what you would like to see in your experience next, the Infinite works on the possibilities for you, sends the signal back, and you pick up on it, and take inspired action. You’re always working in harmony with the Larger Field to pull experiences from that playground of possibilities. The type of things that you experience, depends on where your focus and beliefs are.

Possibilities ~ The Infinite ~ Designing Your Life

The thing that slows things down sometimes is that you can create a possibility, and Life is on board with your decision, and provides the energetic blueprints and waves of possibility to bring that thing to life (or something just like it), and then the current stops at your belief systems, or because of lack of focus, or doubt.

What started as a pure signal, a pure yes, gets to you, and then you doubt yourself or you refuse to act, or you doubt that the inspiration is for you, or that you’re enough.

Those stubborn beliefs and ideas are what blocks manifestations from getting to you easier.

It is a huge part of the process. If signal that’s being sent to you is being met by thoughts of not being good enough, not having enough, a limited Universe, where only certain types of people get to thrive, it slows the process way down for you.

In the next episode we will speak about the beliefs, and doubts, and fears that block the designing your life process. We know this is a huge topic for some of you and we’ll do our best to help you ease your fears so that your alignment with what you say you desire, can flow smoothly.

Inspiration is all around you and is working to line you up with thriving, abundance, and beautiful experiences.

You’re invited to embrace that inspiration wholeheartedly, and to help the current keep moving so that you can see your dreams come to life.

The current moving through you smoothly is what helps things come to fruition quicker.

That is our message here for you today. Blessings to You ~ Dear One.

RAY (The Spirit Guides)

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Well there you have it ~ Episode 2 of the Designing Your Life Blog Series (Inspiration)

So what do you think? Do you resonate with Episode 2: Inspiration? Write to me here to let me know. 

The process and current of inspiration was meant to flow smoothly and Life is on your side. You just have to make sure that you're lining up (in thoughts and in action) with what you say you desire for your life. Stubborn beliefs and ideas block the current from running smoothly, and it slows things way down.

You are more than capable however, of tuning back into the inspiration that is being sent to you. You CAN hone in on the pure signals and bring your deepest desires to life. Focus, intention, trust, and inspired action is all it takes.  

Live Well & Keep Creating!


Intuitive Guide

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