Designing Your Life Blog Series Episode 1: The Larger Field

The Universe ~ The Infinite


Welcome and thank you for tuning into Episode 1 of the Designing Your Life Blog Series (The Larger Field).

In this episode, Ray (My Spirit Guides), talk all about The Larger Field ~ also known as the Infinite, God, Source, and the Universe. It's important to know the energy that we come from and what we're working in harmony with, if we're going to design the kind of life that we dream of. So grab a notebook, a cup of tea, and listen in on Ray's perspective of the 1st step in the designing your life process ~ connecting to the Larger Field. Enjoy!

Transcript Of Episode 1: The Larger Field


We are most appreciative to be here with you at this time, discussing the topic of designing your life.

What we mean when we say designing your life, is you deciding how you would like to direct your energy. It means you deciding what experiences you would like to have. It means you deciding in what ways it’s best for you to express yourself while you’re in your physical reality. 

You are designing what you would like to see and experience during this lifetime.

There is an energetic process that goes on behind the scenes that allows you to connect with those experiences that you dream of and bring them to life.

The first step in the process is connecting to the Larger Field.

For those of you who don’t know what the Larger Field is, think of it as a massive space filled with energy. It’s where your experiences, the things you would like, and your preferences are shaped (energetically) before they can be experienced in your physical reality.

It’s a space where all of the pieces come together (energetically).

Think of your imagination. That’s where you dream concepts up in your mind before you see any evidence of them in physical reality. That’s what the Larger Field or (The Infinite) is like as well.

It’s this playground of possibilities.

There is no limit to the things and experiences that the Infinite (also known as the Larger Field) can dream up for you.

It has access to every thought that has ever been thought, every intention, to every energetic blueprint that has ever been created. It has the keys to everything.

As you move through your day-to-day experiences, you’re sending information to this field about what you would like to see next. You’re also sending information to this field about new things you would like to experience and about things in your life that can be improved.

Just so you can get a sense of how massive the information pool of this field is, we want you to think of all the beings on the planet sending information to this field in the form of thoughts, ideas, feelings, and intentions, etc.

Not only are all the beings on the planet sending information to this energetic playground of possibilities, the animals are too, the plants are too, things that you don’t think have a consciousness are sending waves of information to this source of creation.

There is nothing that the Infinite cannot create in an instant. (Tweet This)

The minute that you have an idea for something that you would like to experience, the Larger Field creates so many different possibilities for you to align with that experience.

It creates the possibility for you to align with the vision that you’ve dreamt up, but also 1000 different other possibilities for you to experience “in essence ~ that means in feeling” the thing that you said you would like to experience.

In other words, it can deliver the feeling that you’re looking for even though the components may be a little different than what you’ve imagined.

We want you to take note of this… Anytime you visualize anything, it’s for the feeling you think you’ll get when you have that thing. You’re after the feeling of alignment ~ not the actual thing.

The thing just gets you to focus and move into that energy pattern.

So back to the Larger Field. The information that you send to the field is collected, the field then energetically creates different experiences for you to have that will satisfy and delight you.

But be careful, because it can also create things that are not so favorable because that’s where your focus is. You are pulling things and experiences from this field with your focus, intention, beliefs, and by what you’re conscious of.

It’s up to you, to hone in on the signals that it’s sending back to you about the things you would “like” to experience. That’s where you get inspiration from.

We’ll speak more on inspiration in the next episode, but just make note that when you are inspired to move into action, it’s because the Larger Field has energetically created something for you that will be pleasing for you to experience and it created it off of the information that you sent to it, just by breathing and living your life experience.

The Infinite ~ Designing Your Life Blog Series

It’s important that you have an idea of what you’re working with. There’s no limit (whatsoever) to what it can create. You are working in harmony with the Larger Field to ground your ideas, concepts, and dreamed of experiences ~ all day everyday. You can use the space to dream up & ground the best experiences or you can use it to draw experiences from the field that are not so favorable. It’s your choice.

You work with this field all day long when you envision or imagine things. That’s you playing around with the Infinite (the playground of possibilities).

Once you’ve dreamt it up and the Infinite creates the blueprint for you to have that experience or one just like it, the current then moves to the next stage ~ Inspiration.

We’ve had alot of fun today introducing you to our perspective of the first step in the designing your life process.

The most important take away that we would like you to have from this episode is the idea of the field that you’re working with and what it can create for you ~ depending on where your focus is. It’s massive, it’s intelligent, and there is not one thing, that this field cannot create the energetic blueprint for. It’s then up to you to focus and ground it into your physical reality.

Keep that in mind.

That is our message here for you today. Blessings to You ~ Dear One.

RAY (The Spirit Guides)

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Well there you have it ~ Episode 1 of the Designing Your Life Blog Series (The Larger Field)

So what do you think? Did you have an "aha" moments or flashes of insight while listening to episode 1? If so, feel free to write to me here ~ I would love to hear from you.

Now that you have an idea of the force that you're working in harmony with, what will you dream up next, what will you focus on, and what will you draw from the field of the Infinite? Remember, it's very creative, it's unlimited, and it's aware of you ~ so dream a brand new dream, and then align with the action steps that it inspires you to take.

Live Well & Keep Creating!


Intuitive Guide

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