The Bitch In My Head

Inner Critic - Mean Girl - Judgment


I’m so glad you’re here.

If you’re reading this, it means that you have a bitch in your head too.

I'm so glad that I'm not alone. Hello sister - welcome.

I just have to get this out. The B in my head is ruthless.

Every post that I get ready to publish - there’s something wrong with it. “That doesn’t sound right. Are people going to understand that? What if someone doesn’t agree with you? Don’t post that.”

Every project that I get ready to start - the B is there with her opinion. “How are you going to get funding for that? What if no one likes the idea? So and so just did that, won’t everyone think you’re copying?”

I mean seriously...

Take a freaking backseat and let me drive. The problem with having the B in your head is not even that she has something to say. It’s that you actually start to believe her.

  • New opportunities come your way and you turn them down.
  • People give you compliments and you wonder if they are being genuine.

You may be a beautiful, capable, fully qualified, and compassionate individual, but the B will have you questioning your very existence.

I know mine does. I’m never good enough for that part of myself. I don’t have enough experience, I don’t have any degrees, I don’t have the right status, I don’t live in the right type of house, or drive the right kind of car to be considered valuable to her.

What a negative, demeaning, insensitive B.

I admit it - she’s in me, and always questioning my qualifications and worthiness.

I know deep down inside that I am more than qualified to share my knowledge with the world because I have lived through heartache, pain, shame, disappointment, and have come out on the other side of it.

I know that I am qualified because I have lived life and have learned a lot, and people can benefit from me sharing what I know.

She doesn't have the right to tell me to sit down and be quiet.

I’m here doing what I do, to help me fulfill the best version of myself that I envision and believe in.

The B in your head doesn't have the right to tell you to sit down and be quiet either.

You’re capable, you’re worthy, and believe it or not - you have the freedom to follow your dreams.

Don’t let the B drive anymore. If you’re anything like me, you’ve let the B drive too long, and it’s time for her to take a backseat.

She too often takes all of your failures, perceived flaws, and disappointments, and she sums you up by them. She never focuses on the good qualities or on what you CAN do.


It’s a good thing that your higher-self has a say so in your life as well. Your higher self only sees the things you CAN do and what YOU ARE CAPABLE OF. That’s how your higher-self makes her argument.

Oh, and the B doesn’t like it when your higher-self chimes in because she cannot compete with your higher-self.

She cannot beat that capable, knowing, seen every trick in the book part of you. She will not win going up against her, so she tries to keep you as far away from that part of yourself as possible.

  • That’s why doubt creeps in all the time.
  • That’s why fear creeps in all the time.
  • That’s why you freeze whenever you’re about to expand, grow, or advance.

I'm writing this post to expose her, and to let you know that you are not alone.

Alot of women have one - if not all of them. It’s time for the B to take a seat. You’re capable, you’re worthy, and you don’t have to let her question your every move.

You are the authority figure in your life, and you get to say what you would like to direct your energy towards.

Step up and take your rightful position.

Tell that B to take a back seat because you’ve got this.  

I'll leave you with this tweetable.

Move towards your best self, and whoever doesn't agree with it - isn't a part of the plan anyway. (Click To Tweet)

From my heart to yours.

Live Well & Keep Creating!


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