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Can You Accept Your "Good"?

You've asked for beautiful experiences, ease, and help, but are you really ready to receive it? If you've ever been given a compliment and deflected it or have been offered help and refused it (even when you needed it), this message is for you. We ask for good things to happen, but we sometimes don't realize that we are closed off to them. Today, you're being encouraged to remain open to receiving your "good".

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How To Find True Love

Love is on the brain in 2017 - I'm sure for alot of people. If you're still looking for Mr.Right. I have a few tips to help you find him easier. Sometimes, love doesn't look exactly how you picture it in your head. Sometimes, it comes out of nowhere and surprises you. The key is to remain open and it's nice to keep a few more things in mind. Here are 10 tips to help you find true love.

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