How To Find True Love

Soul Mates - How To Find True Love

Ahhhh true love…

We have all dreamt of it (at one point or another).

Some of us have been fortunate enough to find it - me, me, me!

And some people are still searching.

I think that deep down inside we all yearn for security, someone to share our lives with, and someone to call our own. Face it - we’re all human, and with all the uncertainty that life throws our way, it’s nice to have something stable (a good relationship) to come home to.

For those of you wondering if you will ever find true love, the answer is YES!

If that is what you truly desire - you can find it.

Here are 10 tips to help you find true love.

#1. Erase What You Think True Love "Looks Like"

I want a 6 foot 2, tall, dark, and handsome man. Stop right there.

While it’s okay to have an idea of someone you are attracted to, keeping that as the standard can hinder potential mates. There may be someone that is 5 foot 10 that isn’t dark and Brad Pittish (extremely good looking) that could potentially fulfill every other part of your checklist, but because you keep that original idea in your mind - you’re missing him.

When you think of your ideal mate, think more of how you feel when you are with him, rather than what he looks like.

#2. Find Ways To Fulfill Yourself

They say, when you don’t need anything - that’s when everything shows up.

What is it that you think you will get from being in a relationship? Can you find ways to fulfill that yearning now on your own?

Take yourself out, pamper yourself, and show yourself all the love that you think you will get from the relationship. That way, you're already fulfilled, and then it's easier for someone who will do all of those things to just slide right into your existence.

#3. Remain Open

Life has a funny way of leading you to what you ask for.

So remain open to dinner dates with friends, conventions, and impulses to go to random places. Your true love can be anywhere in the world, and your desires will do flips to reach you.

You just gotta be on board when the impulse strikes you. So remain open.

#4. Test The Waters

Go out and meet some new people. Date around. Ask your friends to hook you up, go on a couple of blind dates, or just go and have fun, and see what happens.

Sometimes you have to just get out there.

#5. Don’t Think “Happily Ever After”

This is so important. When you are looking for a mate - don’t think long term. I am not saying go and have a bunch of one-night-stands or anything. I am just saying, don’t go into the date or meet someone and think - will he marry me, does he want kids, is he the right one - forever more?

All of those things are important, but allow some time to get to know the person.

Believe it or not, people can feel when you are imposing your values and ideas on them. Give them a chance to get comfortable with you and vice versa.

#6. Don’t Compare

Please do not compare your potential mates to your previous relationships. It's not a good thing to do, and it can kill the relationship before it even really gets off the ground. 

You won’t be able to see the freshness that the new person can bring to the relationship because you're always comparing them to your last mate.

Yes, your old mate may have made a lot of money, but what if your new potential mate is a better lover. That is just one example of what I mean.

Look at each situation as brand new.

#7. Let A Few Things Slide

I know that we have certain standards that we like people to meet, and there is nothing wrong with knowing exactly what you want.

But could you possibly let a few things slide.

For example, if you have a date and the guy is 15 minutes late, instead of saying "See, he can’t even be on time - he's not the one for me."

Could you at least just give him the benefit of the doubt?

  • Maybe there was a lot of traffic.
  • Maybe he took a little extra time to get ready.
  • Maybe he was nervous and practicing his lines in the car.

Just ease up a little bit, and don’t write him off over a little misunderstanding.

#8. Stop Looking & Let Life Surprise You

Have you ever been looking for something and you couldn’t seem to find it anywhere? The minute you stopped looking though, it showed up.

The same goes for love.

Stop looking so hard and wondering if you will ever find it. It isn’t lost. For some reason, you two just haven't lined up yet. Let that be okay.

You can ease up a bit, relax, and it will come to you.

#9. Follow Your Heart

Your ideal mate may be right under your nose, but your family may not agree with your relationship, you may have different religious beliefs, or he or she doesn’t fit the exact version of the mate that you see in your head.

But how does that person make you feel?

You may even have strong feelings for someone that you are denying because he or she doesn’t fit the mold that you think would fulfill you. Give your heart a try. Trust it.

Be true to yourself & open up to that potential relationship.

#10. Let Go Of Fearing Love

You’ve been hurt before, and you’re afraid that love will grab hold of you again and break you into a billion little pieces.

You’re afraid that if you love again, that other person will use up all your love, and you won’t have any more to give.

That is not true. Stop fearing love.

It could be better than your wildest dreams. You can’t run out of love either so stay open, and know that when you give yourself fully, you’ll find someone else that is willing to give just as much - if not more.

In Closing

I hope these tips help you on your journey to finding true love.

It’s not difficult when you know what to look for & when you’re in a state of allowing.

Live Well & Keep Creating!


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P.S. Keep an idea of what “true love” feels like to you, and you will start to meet people who are a match to what you desire.

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