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How To Work With The Creative Core Oracle Card Deck

Hello Creator, your Creative Core is doing a little happy dance knowing that you've come across this oracle card deck. The new Creative Core Oracle Card Deck is super easy to use and there are 44 soul-wisdom + love infused oracle cards in this deck. Here are some guidelines for how to work with the cards and a link for you to order a deck, or two, or three. Have fun!

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How To Be Your Own Guru

What do you do when you're looking for answers to your issues? You "google it" or turn to someone who you "think" has the answers. There are so many wonderful teachers and gurus out there, but the truth is, there is no better guidance than that which comes from within. I've created a list of tips on how to be your own guru. That way, when you need guidance and no one is there, you can look yourself in the mirror and say, I got you!

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