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7 Tips To Help You Move Through Your Fear & Align With Your Dreams

Fear is a part of the creation process. Anytime you get ready to step outside of your comfort zone, fear is going to show up. It's when it stops you from moving forward however, that it can become a huge problem. It's time to acknowledge those fearful thoughts, soothe them, and start moving back in the direction of your dreams. Here are 7 tips to help you move through your fear & align with your dreams.

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Creative Expression & The Fear Of Spontaneity

Creativity is a natural expression of the human soul. It's a form of us tuning into the Infinite realm and bringing the unseen to life. Creativity is meant to come easy, but a couple of things hinder that current - fear and rigidity. We can't fathom the idea that something else has control and knows exactly what we need, but it does, and it's inviting you to start creating without all the "rules" that we're accustomed to.

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