50 Feel Good Mantras

50 Feel Good Mantras


A mantra is a phrase or phrases that reflect positive ideas.

It is also a phrase or phrases repeated everyday that help you embody the feelings that you would like to feel.

In the “Can Your Mantra Change Your Life?” article I spoke about the mind being sensitive to the things that we feed it (our thoughts) and the ideas that we absorb.

Whatever we absorb and accept as truth, is ultimately what shows up in our life.

A mantra helps you focus on the positive.

A mantra is a positive truth that if focused upon and accepted, can change your life. How? You might ask.

Well, when you redirect your thoughts from negative to positive, whatever you created in that negative attitude or frame of mind - gets redirected to the new frame of mind, and therefore, produces a different result.

I created 50 feel good mantras that can help you focus on the positive. 

Read the entire list and just notice the ones that stick out to you. Once you’ve read the entire list - choose the 2 or 3 sentences that really mean something to you, write them down to form a complete mantra, and then repeat the entire thing to yourself 7 times.

Quick Note: It helps if you put your hand on your heart during the process.

Do that repetition twice a day - once in the morning when you wake up and once right before you go to bed. Those are the two times when the mind is most receptive to new thoughts/ideas.

When you are repeating the complete mantra, be sure to embody the feeling of each sentence.

Form a picture in your mind of what it feels like to embrace each sentence. Be sure to carry those feelings with you, and practice your mantra until your mind is comfortable with the truth of the statements.

You’ll be able to tell when the mantra is working because the repetition of it will feel good, the words will flow naturally, and you’ll start to see things change in your outer reality.

Here are 50 feel good mantras.

1. Beauty is all around me.

2. I am whole.

3. The Divine and I are one.

4. My life is full.

5. All is well.

6. Harmony is the natural order of things.

7. Freedom is my purpose.

8. Abundance is my natural state of being.

9. I can handle change with ease.

10. Things are flowing to me easily and effortlessly.

11. I’m making room for grace.

12. When I am in my zone all things are clear.

13. I am aligning with my true self.

14. My body is at ease.

15. My higher self is listening.

16. I can trust my intuition.

17. My desires matter.

18. My heart knows what’s best.

19. My contributions matter here.

20. I am a master healer.

21. My art is healing the world.

22. I can align with peace, harmony, and abundance.

23. My imagination is unlimited.

24. My talents and skills deserve expression.

25. I am at peace with where I am.

26. When I smile, I light up my world.

27. My positive spirit positively affects others.

28. I am a sensual being.

29. May my truth shine forth.

30. I am loved and adored.

31. Each moment is brand new.

32. I’m allowed to have me-time.

33. I can set myself free.

34. The Divine supports my heart’s desires.

35. The stars are aligning to see me through.

36. There’s inspiration everywhere.

37. I can change my beliefs.

38. I am free to explore.

39. The more I open to my true self, the easier life gets.

40. Observing beauty restores my soul.

41. I embrace love easily.

42. There is more and better in store for me.

43. Following my bliss is the way to freedom.

44. May I feel radiant, peaceful, and happy all the days of my life.

45. I embrace self-discovery.

46. As I move towards what feels good and right for me, I heal my past.

47. My choices are made with love.

48. I release any and all things that are not in alignment with my natural state of being.

49. Things can change in an instant.

50. All things are possible if only I believe.

Well, there you have it - 50 feel good mantras.

Your chosen complete mantra, if practiced everyday, will help you focus your attention on the positive and create different (more fulfilling) results in your life.

I hope this process helps you transform your thoughts, and gets you moving in the direction of the richness, fulfillment, and joy that you deserve.

Live Well & Keep Creating!

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