Self-Discovery Journaling Day 6: Your Creative Core

Self-Discovery Journaling Prompt (Creative Core)

Welcome To 21 Days Of Self-Discovery Journaling

These self-discovery journaling sessions are an invitation for you to get to know yourself better, for you to tune into what your heart, body, & mind have to say, and for you to connect with your soul. Here are a few guidelines for you to follow as you commit to each session. 

  • Try not to judge what you receive

  • Write freely & set your inhibitions aside

  • Be honest with yourself

  • Listen to your inner world and honor what it has to say

  • Have fun with these journaling sessions

  • Try the alchemy practice at the end of each session (it will help you realign your energy & direct your focus)

For Day 6, You're Encouraged To Tune Into Your Creative Core.

What You'll Need

  • A Journal or Notebook

  • A Pen

  • 25 to 30 Minutes Of Free Time

  • A Quiet Place To Journal

Journaling Steps

  1. Take a few moments to think of all the creative projects that you want to bring to life. What wants to be born through you? What new creative impulses have you been getting?

  2. Take out your journal and label this journal entry "Creations That Want To Be Brought To Life Through Me".

  3. Start to list all of those creative ideas. It doesn't matter how small or large you think the idea is. It can be anything from a new art piece that you want to paint to writing a screenplay. Don't filter yourself. What do you dream of creating? What excites you, when you think about bringing it to life? Let your imagination run wild.

  4. Don't filter, don't ask if it's okay to have that dream, just let it flow onto the paper.

  5. Keep your list somewhere that you can access it quickly. It will help you remember what's important for you to create and what to work on next. Follow the project that offers the highest level of excitement. It's usually the one that has the most momentum going and the easiest one you'll be able to find inspiration for.

  6. Now that you have your list, try the alchemy practice below.

Take Your Journaling A Step Further

  • If you want to add a different dimension to this journaling session, create a vision board for one of the things you would like to bring to life. Pick the project on the list that brings you the most joy when you think about it. What does the project look and feel like, who would help you move it along, who do you want to collaborate with?

  • Cut out pictures and words that represent what you are looking to create and bring it to life visually.

  • Quick Tip: If you're not into the scissors and glue thing, you can create a Pinterest board of images that represent your creative idea. It's alot of fun. Here are some of my inspiration boards on Pinterest.

  • Once you're done with the vision board, position it somewhere that you can see it. This will help keep this idea at the forefront of your mind and you'll start receiving ideas for the way to bring this vision to life.


It's great to write down the visions that you have for your life, but it's even better to start taking some steps to create what you've been dreaming of. Alchemy is all about changing things from one form into something more valuable. In this case, we're taking this from a thought in your head and we're going to bring it to life.

Anything that you want to bring to life takes a few things...

  • Vision

  • Belief

  • Inspired Action & Enthusiasm

  • Consistency

  • & Sometimes Patience

Take the creative project that brings you the most excitement and start writing down the steps that you need to take to bring this to life. Don't let anything discourage you. Whatever you believe needs to be done to bring your vision to life, write it down. 

Once you're done with the list, you're going to start taking the steps to move in the direction of your dream. If you need help along the way, ask for it. Who's doing what you want to do? Reach out, send them an email, search online for instructions. You can do it. 

When I first had a vision to write a book, I had no idea how to self-publish. So what did I do? I looked it up. I found out how to do it (searched videos, read articles, copied the format of books already created, and now I have 7 self-published books). I brought those creations to life. 

It took a little bit of time, but it felt great when I held the book in my hands for the first time. 

Take your time with this, write down the steps you need to take, and then move in the direction of bringing this idea to life. You have a unique way that you bring things to life. This is an invitation to create with intention and experience joy while doing it. 

Here's a Mantra to help you bring this to life: This Creative Idea Has Meaning and Wants To Be Brought To Life Through Me. I Accept. I'll Do My Best. May It Be Well Received.

Well There You Have It ~ Day 6 Of Self-Discovery Journaling

If you need help releasing blocks, embracing your path, or tuning into your creative core more consistently, a Soul Session may be right for you.

You'll get to work directly with me and my spirit guides to move through your blocks, embrace your path, and move in the direction of your highest good.

You'll get in-depth feedback from my spirit guides, key steps to help you move forward on your journey, and a 10 minute personalized guided meditation (created based on your unique situation). If that sounds like something you're interested in follow me to view the Soul Session details.

Live Well & Keep Creating!


Intuitive Guide

P.S. I would love to hear from you. If you received any "aha" moments or revelations during your journaling session feel free to email me and tell me all about it. I love when people tune in and discover more than they expected. 

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