Wellness Guide For Mar 13th - Mar 19th

Spirit & Muse Energy Guide Mar 13th to Mar 19th

Welcome To Your Weekly Wellness Guide.

Each week I'll be offering you 3 words to let guide you for the week, an instant inspiration quote (picked just for you), and a channeled message from my spirit guides Ray. The Wellness Guide is a tool that will help you keep your energy pointed in the right direction. For this week's Wellness Guide you're encouraged to let the energies of Shedding, Breakthrough, and Emergence guide you. Enjoy your week!

Here's Your Wellness Guide For March 13th To March 19th

3 Words To Let Guide You For The Week


  • For this week, you're encouraged to gently peel off those excess layers that you've been hiding under. You've grown into a new being, but sometimes it's difficult to let go of the past. You're being asked to let go of the beliefs that do not support your new vision, let go of your past perceived failures/missteps, and let go of anything that is slowing up your progress.
  • In order to move forward, you must begin to walk as if the things you desire are already done. You must begin to speak your truth, stand up for yourself, and trust your inner guidance (consistently). You're encouraged to participate in your own unfolding, but you must let go of those old layers before you emerge as the new being that you are.


  • What's been holding you back from taking that new class, getting the help you need, or starting that new project? Sometimes, we ask for help or pray for things to change, but we don't realize that the change we seek ~ starts with us. Sometimes you need to act on your inspired impulses without hesitation, make that call that you've been thinking about making, or simply ask for help from someone who knows what to do.
  • For this week, you're encouraged to create your own breakthroughs. You can't wait around for someone to come and make your wishes come true (I say that in the gentlest way ~ sometimes we just don't realize that we have to take action). You have to believe enough in yourself and in your ability to go out and get what you want. You've been given everything that you need (imagination, inspiration, determination, creative ability, logic, and a list of other skills). Combine all that you are and move in the direction of what you want most. What you really want is within reach, you just have to bring out your best (without fear).


  • All of the guide words for this week are meant to work together. So as you shed your old skin, and create your own breakthroughs, you'll see yourself begin to emerge as the being that you envision. In essence, you already are ~ all that you want to become. To emerge as that being though, it takes moving out of your comfort zone, believing in the vision that you see for yourself, and trusting in your connection with LIFE itself. So work on the first two things and then you'll see yourself begin to emerge as a new being. It takes practice, but once you get going, you'll see that it comes naturally to you. 

Instant Inspiration Quote Picked Just For You


A Message From Ray (My Spirit Guides)

We are most appreciative to be here with you at this time. 

We want you to begin to take notice of the times that you are in a joyful place. 

What are you doing? Who are you with? What do you think caused the joy? 

Just begin to make a mental note of those times. If you'd like, begin to write down all of the things that happen throughout your day that made you laugh, or smile, or feel warm inside. It's an excellent practice to try. 

Those times when you're feeling your best, you're in your optimum state. Your channel is clear, you can receive messages easier, and things flow alot smoother. That's the only reason why you're encouraged to try connect with your higher-self, or to do your positive affirmations, or to look for positive aspects about yourself and others. 

You aren't pressured to stay in those states of being and we certainly are not judging you for not "being happy" all of the time. We just want you to feel the difference when you're in your flow and when you're not.

Start to pay attention to the times when you're in your ease/flow state and the times when you're not. Do your best to stay centered in that ease/flow state (as often as you can) and if you happen to get off track ~ that's fine, just recenter yourself. 

We want you to begin to play with the energy around you. It's trying to connect with you in deeper more meaningful ways. 

You've asked for signs and connection ~ it's all around you. Just tune into it. 

Have fun with it. 

Recognize when it's there.

Ease up on yourself when it's not, and deepen your connection with LIFE itself.

Blessings To You - Dear One!


Work With Ray 1:1

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