Wellness Guide For Feb 20th - Feb 26th

Spirit & Muse Energy Guide For Feb 20th to Feb 26th

Welcome To Your Weekly Wellness Guide.

Each week I'll be offering you 3 words to let guide you for the week, an instant inspiration quote (picked just for you), and a channeled message from my spirit guides Ray. The Wellness Guide is a tool that will help you keep your energy pointed in the right direction. For this week's Wellness Guide you're encouraged to let the energies of Transformation, Influence& Expectancy guide you. Enjoy your week!

Here's Your Wellness Guide For February 20th To February 26th

3 Words To Let Guide You For The Week


  • For this week, recognize the ability that you have to transform your life. Transformation is any change that makes you feel better or invites more harmony into your life (Tweet This). Transformation needn't be this big thing that hits you all at once. The little subtle changes matter too. So focus your attention on creating transformation in your life this week. Change your mindset little by little, allow good things to flow to you without apology, take the time to meditate and clear your mind, stand up for yourself & say no if you need to. All of those things are transformation. Do little things like that and observe the change it creates in your life.


  • I don't think we realize sometimes how much we have the power to influence certain situations. Our words matter, our actions matter, what we feed ourselves and others mentally, matters. For this week, you're encouraged to recognize your power to positively influence others. Offer compliments when you feel they're deserved, encourage someone to keep going, offer others around you a smile or a warm hug. We don't realize how much of a huge effect those seemingly "small things" have on other people. You may inspire someone to pick back up their paintbrush, or reconcile a relationship, or try again when they thought they failed. You have the power to positively influence the people around you ~ don't hold it back.


  • You're a healer (by nature), you're a giver (by nature), you're an artist (by nature), and sometimes we worry if we are doing the right thing. It's in our DNA to want to help others and grow ourselves and we doubt sometimes that our work and actions even count. For this week, you're encouraged to remember that there is a larger force guiding you. You're encouraged to dwell in the state of expectancy. Your voice will be heard, the people that need what you have to offer will get to it, and what you do matters. Expect to reach the right people at the right time and keep putting your energy/efforts into what your heart calls you to do. It may not seem like it sometimes, but rest assured that you're having a far greater reach that you can even imagine.

Instant Inspiration Quote Picked Just For You

Bloom where you're planted means to show the beautiful qualities that you have ~ right where you are. There is a way for you to use what you have ~ right now. There is a way for you to show what you can do ~ right now. So go ahead and bloom where you're planted.

Bloom where you're planted means to show the beautiful qualities that you have ~ right where you are. There is a way for you to use what you have ~ right now. There is a way for you to show what you can do ~ right now. So go ahead and bloom where you're planted.


A Message From Ray (My Spirit Guides)

We are most appreciative to be here with you at this time.

It's time for you to exercise your power this week.

In the past, you may have held yourself back when your brilliance, solutions, and voice was needed. Let this be the week that you begin to exercise your power. 

As our friend Renee says, you do have the ability to positively influence your environment and your surroundings. All it takes is for you to think before you act, for you to feed yourself positive truths, for you to offer warmth & support to those around you when needed. It doesn't take much.

Do what you're inspired to do. 

It's the simple things that count.

Think about how you feel when someone offers you encouragement, a compliment, or tells you that you're doing a great job. It warms your heart.

Focus on offering those same things to others this week.

It's a great way to direct your energy and before you know it, you'll see that those little things make ripples in your world. When you're kind to someone, they pass it on. When you brighten someone's day, they go out of their way to do it for someone else. 

It's all a part of the plan.

We're not saying to charm others or to offer compliments just for the sake of doing so. We are saying to do what you're inspired to do. Do what your heart asks of you. It doesn't even need to be anything big. 

There are people all around you waiting to receive your kind words and actions and in return, you will be offered the same courtesy from others around you. Be willing to give of your best qualities this week and be open to receive all that will come back your way.

Be playful about it, open up to giving and receiving joy, and experience the true meaning of LIFE.

Blessings To You - Dear One!


Work With Ray 1:1

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