Wellness Guide For May 15th - May 21st

Spirit & Muse Wellness Guide For May 14th to May 21st

Welcome To Your Weekly Wellness Guide.

Each week I'll be offering you 3 words to let guide you for the week, an instant inspiration quote (picked just for you), and a channeled message from my spirit guides Ray. The Wellness Guide is a tool that will help you keep your energy pointed in the right direction. For this week's Wellness Guide, you're encouraged to let the energies of The Spark, Willingness, & Courage guide you. Enjoy your week!

Here's Your Wellness Guide For May 15th To May 21st

3 Words To Let Guide You For The Week

The Spark

  • Clear some space this week through meditation to receive new ideas and fresh insight (the spark of creativity). 15 minutes a day should be enough to clear the mind. There are some new and exciting things that would like to be birthed through you, but you must first clear the path. Clearing the path means slowing down the thoughts of not being good enough or ready, trusting in your creative core, and acting on those creative impulses that come to you. Listen to your creative core this week and move forward with what wants to be brought to life (creatively) through you. 


  • Be willing to listen to all of the positivity that may come your way this week. Sometimes, when we ask for something, a message repeats itself over and over again. Be willing to "Accept Your Good" this week. Don't turn away comments. Don't roll your eyes at hearing positive messages. Take all of it as a sign that you are watched over and being sent positive messages all the time. Don't tune them out. Be willing to open up to them (wholeheartedly) and feel gratitude for your Soul always seeing you in the most positive light. 


  • It's not always easy to follow your dreams. It's not always easy to leave behind the "familiar" way of doing things. It's not always easy to stand up for what you believe in. You may need to dig deep and find your courage this week. Your dreams are on the other side of your fear. If things have been holding you back, take one small step to start moving in the direction of what you want for yourself. Baby steps are fine and as you gain some momentum, you'll start to get your confidence. Don't let fear stop you from at least investigating your interests or what you would like for yourself. Find the courage this week to give yourself the "YES" for anything that you would like to experience in your life, and then take baby steps to move towards it.

Hey, I wrote a Soul Wisdom guide for bringing your dreams to life. It talks about fear and resistance clinging to you for dear life (when you start to follow your dreams). There are also links to some tools to help you move through the fear and resistance in the guide too. If you need help taking positive steps forward, this dream guide is for you. You can gain access to it here when you sign up for the Spirit & Muse newsletter. Enjoy & be sure to let me know about your experience with the guide.

Instant Inspiration Quote Picked Just For You


A Message From Ray (My Spirit Guides)

We are most appreciative to be here with you at this time.

It's time for you to begin to consciously shape your destiny. You know who you are and you know exactly what you would like to experience in life. 

Now it's time to move forward and trust that the things that are most important to you do matter. You get to say what you want to experience in this lifetime. 

The thing is, you have to trust in the vision that you have for yourself. As the quote above says. Dream without fear. There is no judgement in this realm (where we reside). You must know that. In order for things to run smoother, you have to let go of the judgement that you sometimes feel when you want something new or different for your life. 

Your thoughts sometimes go like this:

  • It's too late for me.
  • I don't have enough money.
  • What would my friends & family members think of me?
  • I couldn't simply just follow my joy.
  • There's no way I could make time for that.
  • My art and creating is second to my "real" responsibilities.
  • I can't dream about that or I can't go after that. 
  • My upbringing says that I can only be this, this, & that.

You may know deep down inside that it's time to change your routine or thought patterns, but you neglect that inner knowing. You may know that it's time to start that business, but you neglect that inner knowing. You may know that it's time to relocate or at least check out possible new locations where you can thrive, but you neglect that inner knowing. 

It's time to change that.

We could write a whole book on all of the reasons that you make up for "not going after what you want from life". 

We must say, there's no pressure here. You can take as long as you'd like to fulfill your dreams, but may we offer you some words of encouragement (because your dreams are pulsating with real energy and life). 

Following your bliss ~ is not wrong. Going after what you prefer ~ is not wrong. Dreaming of an improvement to your circumstances, and then doing all you can to follow that new path ~ is not wrong. It's your judgment about it or the judgement that you accept from other people sometimes that holds you back. 

You can begin to shape your destiny today (if you haven't been doing so already). As long as your intentions are in the right place, there's nothing to worry about. Trying to better your life ~ is not wrong. Just do it all with love, trust the process, and happily anticipate a positive outcome. 

All of the angelic realm wants to see you thrive. You know what makes you thrive & we're all rooting for you to seek out & experience that fulfillment.

Blessings To You - Dear One!


Work With Ray 1:1

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