Wellness Guide For March 27th - April 2nd

Spirit & Muse Energy Guide Mar 27th to Apr 2nd

Welcome To Your Weekly Wellness Guide.

Each week I'll be offering you 3 words to let guide you for the week, an instant inspiration quote (picked just for you), and a channeled message from my spirit guides Ray. The Wellness Guide is a tool that will help you keep your energy pointed in the right direction. For this week's Wellness Guide you're encouraged to let the energies of Creativity, Trust, and Laughter guide you. Enjoy your week!

Here's Your Wellness Guide For March 27th To April 2nd

3 Words To Let Guide You For The Week


  • For this week, you're encouraged to let your creativity lead the way. There may be some new ideas that you have been thinking about bringing to life, but you may have pushed them aside due to other obligations or self-doubt. Now is the time to breathe life into that creative project. Don't push yourself too hard. Just take it step by step. Honor that creative project, new product, or that great idea. Write down your ideas about it, envision the end result, gather the data, and start to bring this idea to life. 
  • If a creative idea comes to you, it's because someone, somewhere, can benefit from it. Don't sweep these new ideas under the rug and try not to let self-doubt get the best of you. The idea came to you because it wants to be brought to life through you. Honor that. Here's a mantra for you to help you as you bring this idea to life: This Creative Idea Has Meaning And Wants To Be Brought To Life Through Me, I Accept, I'll Do My Best, May It Be Well Received. 
  • Here are "Some Words For Your Dreams", to encourage you as well. 


  • This goes right along with the first guide word. In order to bring your ideas to life and to manifest what you see for yourself, you have to trust. Trust in your ability, trust that you'll find a way, trust that help will show up, and trust that your heart's desires can be manifested.
  • I know it's difficult. Especially, when things don't seem to match up on the outside, but the trust ~ is the fuel. The belief in yourself and in your ability ~ is the fuel. The belief in the value you bring to life itself ~ is the fuel. 
  • This week, practice letting down your guard and trusting that there is something bigger guiding you. It knows more, it sees more, and that force is very creative. It wants your dreams to be brought to life. You gotta learn to trust that even if you can't see all the pieces, there is something there that can. Trust that and ask for more ways to connect with its presence. It's there and waiting.


  • Try to bring a sense of humor to all that goes on this week. Laugh at your mistakes and your flaws. Make light of them. Sometimes we hold onto this sense that we have to be perfect or get everything right. That's not true. It's just a perception. 
  • For this week, you're encouraged to ease up on yourself, laugh at your mistakes, and your quirky ways. They are what make you, YOU, and they're nothing to be ashamed of.
  • If you have some movies or videos that make you laugh ~ watch them. If you know someone who always makes you laugh ~ call him or her up. Do anything you can to remain lighthearted and to laugh this week. It's a great state of being to be in. 

Instant Inspiration Quote Picked Just For You


A Message From Ray (My Spirit Guides)

We are most appreciative to be here with you at this time. 

We want you to begin to move through your days with grace and ease, knowing that you have everything inside of you to bring your dreams to life. 

We know that you may be tired of hearing the phrase "everything is inside of you", but it is. 

You have the ability to focus, to state your preferences, to bring your ideas to life, and to decide what you would like to direct your energy towards. You have that ability. There is nothing that you need that's outside of you. 

We want you to recognize and trust in that ability.

You are a part of this life experience. Your preferences, ideas, and input matters. 

It really does. No one sees the world in the exact same way as you do. So we want you to begin to see the value in that. We want you to begin to see the unique perspective that you offer. When you are aligned with your true sense of self and the grand presence of your Soul, anything is possible. 

People call for solutions, they ask for relief, they ask for signs & symbols, and for easier ways to do things, and your being has some of those answers.

It's a joy to see you tune in and to do it without fear or resistance, knowing what you add to this experience when you are in your flow/zone. 

It's truly beautiful. 

So we encourage you to not doubt yourself so much. You are here, because you are meant to be here ~ during this time. Your Soul knows all that you can contribute. Trust that! Believe in it. Trust in your ability to nourish and uplift those around you. 

We always see the best in you. We just want you to begin to consistently appreciate your magnificence as well.

Blessings To You - Dear One!


Work With Ray 1:1

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