Wellness Guide For April 17th - April 23rd

Spirit & Muse Energy Guide Apr 17th to Apr 23rd

Welcome To Your Weekly Wellness Guide.

Each week I'll be offering you 3 words to let guide you for the week, an instant inspiration quote (picked just for you), and a channeled message from my spirit guides Ray. The Wellness Guide is a tool that will help you keep your energy pointed in the right direction. For this week's Wellness Guide you're encouraged to let the energies of being Ready, Insightful, and Grounded guide you. Enjoy your week!

Here's Your Wellness Guide For April 17th To April 23rd

3 Words To Let Guide You For The Week


  • For this week, realize just how strong, capable, and ready you are. If challenges come up for you this week, put your skills to the test. You know how to work around issues, you know how to get things back on track, and you know how to redirect your thoughts and focus on a better outcome. You are ready to meet any challenge head on. You've got everything in you that you need. Be sure to exercise your brilliance, strength, and versatility this week. You are capable and ready for anything that comes across your path. That also goes for any opportunities that may cross your path this week. You are ready. So welcome new opportunities with open arms.


  • You are resourceful, insightful, and have alot of great ideas. You've learned alot of life lessons and have quite a few things to share. Don't hold that back this week. If you have an opportunity to share some of your thoughts ~ do it. If you have a chance to add your input in on a new project or business opportunity ~ do it. If a friend comes to you and asks for your advice on a pressing issue ~ be your authentic self and speak from the heart. You have alot of great ideas to share, for this week, show what you're made of by putting your voice out there. 


  • Practice remaining grounded this week. An excellent way to do that is to get out in nature (if you haven't been doing that already), and if you are use to getting out in nature, that's great. Try taking a journal with you and just journal about the beauty you see around, what makes you feel connected, or about the things that you are grateful for. It's imperative that we feel connected to this space that we dwell, create, and live in. Nature's calling you! Get out there, journal, exercise, visit new landscapes, and soak up its essence. 

Instant Inspiration Quote Picked Just For You

Goal Quote

A Message From Ray (My Spirit Guides)

We are most appreciative to be here with you at this time.

We want to remind you that you're doing just fine. Some of you think that you haven't got this life thing figured out (as if that's some kind of punishment). 

We are joking with you, but you do treat uncertainty as if it's something that's out to get you. 

We want you to begin to realize that uncertainty doesn't have to feel like doom and gloom. It can be exciting and surprising too. Just that one switch in perspective can make a world of difference for you.

  • What if this period of uncertainty is not here to hurt you or make your life difficult? 
  • What if it's asking you to meet the present moment, as is, and dream a new dream?
  • What if it's asking you to think about the possibilities, rather than all the things that might go wrong?

We want you to begin to look at the bright side of things. We know that's difficult for some of you  ~ especially when you're struggling, but Life has a better plan for you than what you can see for yourself.

Get on board with Life's plan for you.

Don't dwell on all things that could go wrong or all the ways that you can mess up. You can't mess life up. Life if fluid. Just when you think things have made a turn for the worse, life can lead you down a completely different (more fulfilling & more exciting) path.

Nothing is set in stone. Nothing is too big for Life to figure out. 

You don't have to dwell on all the things that you "think" you've messed up on or all the things that "might" go wrong. Meet Life here in this present moment.

Life's listening.

What do you need? What do you want to say? What does the improvement look like? Dwell there. Speak about it. Bask in the idea that there are more possibilities than you can see.

Listen to Life's inspirational cues.

Life wants for you, what you want for yourself. You just have to start believing that. Life isn't working against you. It just needs you to meet it in this present moment. Not through fear. 

Wake up to Life with a sense of wonder, awe, and an open heart and it will open up to you too. 

Blessings To You - Dear One!


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