Sessions With My Spirit Guides Ray Episode 2 - How To Align With Your Higher-Self

Spirit Guides - Ray - Align With Higher-Self


Welcome to Sessions With Ray, where Ray (my spirit guides) offer their perspective and guidance on the topics that are most important to us. In episode 2, Ray explains how to align with the confident, radiant, centered aspect of yourself a.k.a your Higher-Self. Have a listen and be sure to let me know if it resonates by leaving a comment below. Enjoy!

Transcript Of Sessions With Ray Episode 2 - How To Align With Your Higher-Self


We are most appreciative to be here with you at this time discussing the topic of aligning with your Higher-Self.

  • There is a home frequency that you carry within, that you can tune into at anytime.
  • There are thoughts that benefit you most, that you can tune into at anytime.
  • There is a part of your being that is centered, calm, radiant, and always true to its original pure positive vibration, and you can tune into that part of yourself at anytime.

You tune in via your thoughts, energy, and actions.

You can feel when you’re aligned with your Higher-Self, because you’ll feel at ease, at peace, joyful, interested in things, excited about what’s to come, and in love with life.

When you’re out of alignment with your Higher-Self, you doubt your ability, you hold yourself back, you blame yourself or others for what’s going on in your experience, and you may feel out of tune (in general).

The quickest way to align with that confident, all-knowing version of yourself is to clear some space by meditating.

You can start there. Just for 10 to 15 minutes a day, go to a quiet space and breathe. Focus on your breath. Let the thoughts flow through you, and refocus if you need to. Clear that space so that you can connect with your unhindered presence.

The second way to align with your Higher-Self is to get some space between you and your negative thoughts.

Your Higher-Self does not focus there, whatsoever. So to tune into your Higher-Self - start to get on the same wave of thoughts that it projects. When you’re on the same wave of thoughts as your Higher-Self you will feel inspired, encouraged, in the flow, able to work through your issues, and unbothered by life’s changing currents.

And the third way to align with your Higher-Self is to follow your intuition, your inspiration, and your curiosity.

Your Higher-Self sends you all kinds of signals for things that may satisfy and delight you, and it knows you very well. So start to pay attention to those signs. Follow your heart, follow your highest excitement, go to that place that you’re interested in going.

They are all keys to your highest fulfillment.

Your Soul (your Higher-Self) speaks to you through the feelings of joy, of interest, of love, of passion, of humor.

Your Soul wants to express itself through you.

That is why you are here. It wants to see you laugh, and dance, find your way, explore, and enjoy this life experience. You do that by aligning with that part of yourself as often as you can. And listen, there will be times when it seems like you can’t find your center or you can’t find a positive thought, or you can’t focus on the good, and that’s okay.

Your higher-self is always there (it’s not going to leave you). We want to also add this here – to align with your Higher-Self, it isn’t necessary to be in the joy state all of the time, but it is necessary to do what you can to feel better. Your Soul’s focus is always on the best of you. You constantly align with your Higher-Self when you point your needle in that direction as well.

Keep that in mind, adjust yourself to that frequency when you can, have compassion for yourself when you’re not there, and ride these beautiful waves of the life experience.

That is our message here for you today. Blessings to You ~ Dear One.

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