A Note To The Mentors Who Don't Know Me

Mentors & Gratitude Thank You

I have a vision of this woman. 

She's beautiful, radiant, stands in her truth & worthiness, and doesn't apologize for it. She's also joyful. The "smiling for no reason" kind of joyful. The "butterflies in your stomach when you feel the warmth of the sun on your skin" kind of joyful.

That woman in the vision is me. 

I can see her so clearly, but I'm not there yet consistently, and to be honest with you, it frustrates me sometimes. 

I asked the angelic realm - why? Why can I see that vision of that woman so clearly, but it's taking me so long to get there? Is this path not for me? Am I not meant to be ripe with creativity, flowing, at ease with life, financially healthy, doing what I love - unapologetically, and effortlessly radiant?

The angelic realm answers back and says, "It's not any of that." 

  • There's some stuff in the way.
  • There are some beliefs that don't fit.
  • There are some ideas that you've picked up about yourself, that are so indescribably off - you can't even begin to see what it has done to your self-esteem, but we can show you - if you're willing to listen, some guides. 

They are human spirits who will speak to your soul, show you what you're capable of, and mentor you from afar. 


I listened, and then I came across my human guides - the mentors who don't even know that they've helped me in so many ways. 

First, there's Alexandra Elle

She's beautiful, raw, brown like me, and she's made it through the unimaginable. She loves herself and isn't ashamed of that. She cares deeply for those who hold her heart, she isn't ashamed of self-care (like some women are taught to be), and she isn't going to let anyone talk her out of becoming the woman that she (deep down inside) knows herself to be.

Alexandra Elle, the angelic realm sent you as a guide for me. I want to thank you for being raw, and for having the courage to love yourself so deeply. Thank you for showing me that self-love, openness, and vulnerability is nothing to be afraid of. It's a part of who we (as women) are meant to be. 

Second, there's Rachel Gadiel

She too is beautiful. Everything she touches, she makes better. 

Rachel brings out the glow in everything. I watch her bring her soul to life through her creativity, organization, and resourcefulness, and I say YES! Thank you angels for guiding me to her. She loves organization, and simplicity, and effective solutions just as much as me!

Thank You Rachel, for seeing the beauty in things & for showing your soul to the world through your creativity. You are appreciated. 

& Third and Last on this list is Monique Melton

She too, is brown like me. 

Monique's smile makes me see that it's possible to feel that "warmth in the belly" kind of joy. I look at her and see that it's possible to highlight what you once believed were your flaws or what you once believed you should be ashamed of. 

She makes me see that it's possible to have a dream, believe in it, and then bring it to life. Monique is authentic, thoughtful, and just the kind of person that I need to see. 

Through her work, she shows me that you can have a dream, silence those inner negative thoughts, take things step by step, let go of the idea that you're not in the right place, and move in the direction of the vision you see for yourself. 

Monique, you were sent to me as a guide. Thank you for embracing all that you are. It gives me the courage to do the same. 

In closing,

Those are just some of the women that I look up to and who have helped me (without even knowing it). 

I am sure that these words are something that these women have heard before, but it's important for me to say thank you.

It's important for us to let people know that they inspire us. (Tweet This)

I believe that these women do what they do for the love of it, but I think that it's also important for us to let people know that they're doing a good job. I believe it fuels people to keep doing what they do - when they know it makes a difference.

Alexandra, Rachel, & Monique - you're getting through, and it's important that you know that you've inspired me in so many ways. Keep doing what you do! Thanks for just being who you are.

From my heart to yours!


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