50+ Things To Remember While Following Your Dreams

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Hello Dreamer,

I know that vision of yours feels so real & so close. I also know that you're ready to start moving in the direction of the life that you see for yourself.

I'm rooting for you because I know you can do it. You can bring your dreams to life.

Sometimes it's hard and sometimes, you've got to give it all you've got to bring your dreams to life. You have a purpose though & something to share, and I know that you're following your intuition ~ because you're here. Give yourself a pat on the back because you heard the call. Your dreams want you, just as bad as you want them, and this list was created for you.

These are the things that I've learned while following my dreams.

I want to give you a heads up, because it's going to take belief, you're going to have to release some things, and remember some things on your journey. So here's a little help for the road. 

Take this list with you, and review it anytime you need a little inspiration for your path. 

Here are 50+ Things To Remember While Following Your Dreams

  • 1. Stop Asking For Permission
  • 2. Give Yourself The Yes
  • 3. Everyone's Not A Part Of The Plan
    • If some people don't believe in you or don't agree with you moving in the direction of the vision that you have for your life, don't worry about it. They aren't a part of the plan anyway. 
  • 4. Some People Will Call You Crazy (That's Okay Keep Going)
  • 5. You'll Have To Believe In What You Want
  • 6. Fear Will Cling To You For Dear Life
  • 7. Resistance Will Show Up 
  • 8. Your Vision Wants To Be Brought To Life Through You
  • 9. You're Not Alone On Your Journey
  • 10. Your Soul's Rooting For You
  • 11. Your Fulfillment Will Make Some People Jealous
    • Don't worry too much about that. Kindly remind them that they can follow their dreams too.
  • 12. Things Won't Always Go As Planned (Remain Fluid)
  • 13. Inspiration's Everywhere 
  • 14. You'll Need Support
    • Surround yourself with people who care about & believe in your dreams. It's essential to breathing life into your dreams. Even if it's just one or two people who believe in you ~ that's enough. 
  • 15. Sometimes Your Dream Will Seem Far Away (Until One Day ~ It's Not)
  • 16. You'll Need To Remain Positive
  • 17. Other Things Will Get In The Way
    • Life happens. Things don't go as planned all the time. Just remember to re-center yourself and to focus back on your goals. Don't let setbacks stop you from moving in the direction of your highest good. 
  • 18. Your Inner Critic Will Rear Its Ugly Head
    • When you start to move out of your comfort zone and towards the life that you see for yourself, your inner critic will do whatever she can to keep you where you are. It's comfortable, it's familiar, and doesn't pose a threat if you stay exactly where you are. She will say things that aren't true and try to disempower you. Here's an audio track called "Some Words For The Inner Critic" to help soothe that. 
  • 19. You'll Have To Ride The Waves
    • They'll be ups and downs as you move towards your goals. Learn to ride the waves of it. Don't let it discourage you from staying true to yourself. 
  • 20. Life Will Always Throw You Another Piece
    • Just when you think something's going wrong ~ life can turn it around. Don't hold on too tight when things don't work out exactly as planned. You will always be given another chance to do it again, get it right, or do better than before. Remain open to giving yourself another chance.
  • 21. Crystals Help 
    • Here's a Crystal Board to get the inspiration going in that area. Choose the crystals that you feel drawn to. I love Rose Quartz Crystals, Amethyst, & Clear Quartz. They are beautiful and help with grounding positive energy. So if you're inspired, read about crystals and choose the ones that you resonate with.
  • 22. Connecting With Your Higher-Self Helps
    • "Close your eyes and imagine the best version of you possible. That's who you really are, let go of any part of you that doesn't believe it." ~C. Assaad
  • 23. Journaling Your Progress, Good Times, & Synchronicities Makes It Fun
  • 24. You're Going To Want To Give Up ~ Don't
  • 25. You Will Compare Yourself To Others
    • It's human nature for us to compare ourselves to other people, but it can also be a dream killer when we start downing ourselves because we think others are further than we are. Remember, never compare your beginning to someone else's middle. That's a Jon Acuff quote and it's true. Stay focused on your own goals and bring your best to everything that you do. 
  • 26. You'll Need To Center Yourself
    • Sometimes you'll get knocked off balance. That's okay. Re-center yourself and start again. 
  • 27. You'll Need To Let Go Of The Past
  • 28. You'll Need To Release Your Insecurities & Focus On What You CAN Do
  • 29. You'll Need To Feel Worthy Of Your Dreams
  • 30. Self-Care Matters
    • When you're going after your dreams, you may forget to give yourself the time & space that you need to feel nourished. Self-care matters. Yes you can work hard and move in the direction of your dreams, but remember to also give yourself the time & space to just be.
  • 31. There's No Limit To Joy
    • It's human nature to believe that things are too good to be true. That's only a thought. There is no limit to joy. So when you are in those joyful moments (while following your dreams), milk them for all they're worth. There's much more where that came from. Don't be afraid to feel joy and to enjoy the joy. Sounds corny, but it's true!
  • 32. You're Capable Of Aligning With Your Vision
  • 33. Nature Helps
  • 34. Focusing On The Vision Helps
  • 35. They'll Be Moments That You Want To Burst From The Joy
    • That means that you're flowing in the way that you intended to flow.
  • 36. Trusting Your Intuition Helps
  • 37. You'll Have To Bring Out Your Best
  • 38. You're Going To Feel Guilty
    • As a mom or as someone who has other obligations, you're going to feel like shit when you start to go after what you want. It's not going to seem right to move in the direction of your fulfillment. Society makes it that way. It has a certain way that you are "supposed" to be, and if you deviate from that plan, you will feel guilty. Try your best to do what you can, but don't let the pressure stop you from nourishing your own dreams. 
  • 39. Your Soul Knows The Way
  • 40. Take Your Heart With You
  • 41. Be Open To Receiving Help
    • This is a hard one. I know, but be open to receiving help if you need it. Sometimes we don't know everything and there may be someone who can help or some extra training that you can get to gain your confidence. Consider those things. If you need help, find it, and go for it. Do whatever you can to fuel your dream. 
  • 42. Enjoy The Journey
  • 43. You Can Tweak Your Desires
    • This is so important to remember. Your dreams may change ~ that's okay. You don't have to hold onto the old vision, if you have a newer (more improved) version of the dream. Go for the one that excites your spirit the most.
  • 44. Let Your Mantra Be: How Good Can It Get
  • 45. Pace Yourself
  • 46. Music Helps 
    • Create a feel-good playlist and take it with you. It'll make the journey alot more fun. 
  • 47. Doubt Is A Dream Killer
  • 48. Prayer Helps
    • When you come up against things you can't change or blocks within yourself ~ give it to a higher power. Just say a prayer or speak to The Great Spirit and let Life know what you see for yourself. Let Life know what you're struggling with and it will come up with solutions to help you through it. Giving it over to a broader perspective helps. 
  • 49. Follow Your Bliss 
  • 50. There Are Several Pathways To Get You To Your Dreams (Remain Open)
  • 51. You're Here For A Reason (You Are What Someone Needs)
  • 52. Happiness Looks Gorgeous On You (Go For It & Live The Life You've Imagined)

Well, There You Have It ~ 50+ Things To Remember While Following Your Dreams. 

I'm a dreamer too.

I use to think that I had to chase my dreams, but I have a secret for you. You really don't need to chase them at all. Rumi says, "What you seek is seeking you". It's true. Your dreams want you, just as bad as you want them. 

The energy of your dream is alive, well, and ready.

All it's waiting for is for you to believe in your vision and to take the inspired action that it's signaling you to take. You being here ~ is it. This was one signal (amongst many). There are more signs (just like this one) to help you along your path. You're not alone ~ go follow those dreams. 

I'm doing it by being here ~right now. I'm believing in what I have to offer & in the vision that I have for my life. If I can do it, you can too. 

Live Well & Keep Creating!


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