Authentic Marketing For Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs & Creatives

You're a heart-centered business woman/creative and you have something to share with the world (a message, a product, or a service), and you want to get it out there in the most authentic way possible. You don't want to force your business on anyone, but you do want to make sure that you're getting your products or services out to the people who need them the most. If you're looking to market yourself in a way that's effective, not pushy, and true to you ~ I can help you with that. Here are some marketing tips for heart-centered entrepreneurs & creatives. That means this one's for you!

50+ Things To Remember While Following Your Dreams

That dream of yours is possible to reach. It's going to take belief, vision, alignment, and a little magic, but you'll get there. You are capable of aligning with your vision. Here's a list of 50+ things to remember while following your dreams. It's what I've learned along the way, and I hope it offers you some inspiration as you move towards your dreams. Come check out the list. 

How To Sage (Smudge) Your Home, Office, And Yourself

Here's a how-to (step-by-step) guide to sage (smudge) your home, office, and yourself. This process is great for those who would like to clear the negative energy in your space, purify your home, clear your mind and energy field, or just would like to clear the air to invite the new. The tips and steps outlined here are from my personal experience with sage and from the research I've done on the topic. You can use your intuition when developing your ritual. It's a great way to clear your space. Come check out the steps.

I Can Help You ~ Just Send The Letter

So you've got something on your heart that you haven't been able to let go of (yet), some blocks that you haven't been able to get through (yet), or a situation that you need guidance on. I can help you with that. Come find out how. 

Can You Accept Your "Good"?

You've asked for beautiful experiences, ease, and help, but are you really ready to receive it? If you've ever been given a compliment and deflected it or have been offered help and refused it (even when you needed it), this message is for you. We ask for good things to happen, but we sometimes don't realize that we are closed off to them. Today, you're being encouraged to remain open to receiving your "good".

Self-Discovery Journaling Session

You have to leave the city of your comfort and go into the wilderness of your intuition. What you'll discover will be wonderful. What you'll discover is yourself. ~Alan Alda - For this self-discovery journaling session you're encouraged to tune into the seat of your intuition ~ Your Gut. You're encouraged to feel into this space, listen to what it has to say, journal about it, and then create an image of this space.

What Pregnancy Taught Me About Letting Go

Pregnancy was such a wonderful experience for me, but just like following your dreams & birthing new ideas, it comes with its challenges. For months (sometimes years) you don't know what the outcome of your efforts is going to be, and if you're anything like me ~ that scares you. Pregnancy taught me a whole lot about letting go and I'll share the "why" with you in this article.

Walk As If It's Already Done

Some people think that it's crazy to pretend or to walk as if it's already done. I don't. Everything that was ever created first existed as a thought, that thought evolved into a vision, and so on. For this dose of Monday inspiration, I want to encourage you to walk as if it's already done and then watch what shows up for you.

Do What Your Soul's Calling You To Do

Happy New Year! We made it! This is the first time that I'm in your inbox for 2017. It feels so good. I figured I'd kick off the new year by letting you know why I do what I do. It wasn't easy deciding to take this path, but there's something important that I want you to know. It's why I do what I do and why I love it. Sometimes, you gotta set the fear aside and do what your soul calls you to do.