Some Words For Your Pain

Soul Whispers Audio (Some Words For Your Pain) mp3

Your pain is real.

It has a voice (if you allow it to speak) and it carries energy. Your pain is nothing at all to be ashamed of though ~ so don't feel bad about feeling the way that you do. 

Your emotions about the situation are just inviting you to be honest with yourself, to say how you feel, and to take the steps to release it.

There is no need to hold onto any situation. Life is fluid and will always give you another opportunity to get things right or to experience something better. 

I completely understand if you haven't been able to let the pain go yet. Don't judge yourself for it. Healing takes time. There are several ways to heal. Allow the process to take place. Breathe through it, cry through it, feel it, write it out, and then allow yourself to let it go.

I've created some words for your pain to invite you to give yourself permission to let this situation go.

Download this track, use it, and play it back to yourself whenever you need to. Enjoy!

Transcript Of The Track: Some Words For Your Pain

Hello beautiful. 

Your Soul thanks you for taking the time to acknowledge how you feel. 

I know that this situation has hurt you and despite your attempts to reconcile it and patch it up, it may still be showing up for you. 

Don't beat yourself up for the way that you feel. 

Don’t judge yourself because you haven’t been able to let it go fully.

Don't judge yourself because you expected to be treated better, things didn't go as expected, and it disappointed you. 

Feel that.

Don't judge yourself based on someone's inability to see your worth or to treat you with care and respect. Even if that someone was you. 

Even if you're the one who's neglecting yourself, even if you allowed that situation to happen, even if you didn't speak up for yourself, don't judge any of it.

Life is fluid. 

Life can and will show you something better. There’s a high for every low that you’ve experienced. There’s healing for the pain and joy for the sadness. 

Life will always give you another chance to get it right or to experience something better. 

You’re ready to let this go. 

You don't have to ever forget, but you do have to release your attachment to the pain if you are going to embrace the “new” that this life has in store for you. 

The time that it has taken you to heal does not matter. 

You’ve embraced your steps. You’ve acknowledge your pain and you have given it a voice.

You now have the invitation to give yourself permission to let it go. 

Be gentle with yourself as you go through this process.

Let the layers peel off - one by one - gently.

Allow the process to happen, breathe through it, cry through it, feel it, and then allow yourself to be set free from it.

You owe it to yourself to release this so that you can feel the good that will replace all that has happened. 

Set yourself free from it. 

Now’s the time. 

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