Ray (The Spirit Guides)

Ray (My Spirit Guides) Are A Blend Of Masculine & Feminine Energetic Beings.

They are lovers of life, spirits of joy, playful, & warmhearted. At my core, I am a match to the energy that they vibrate, And Our Blended Work Is To Help Inspire + Uplift.

They have a broad perspective and a deep understanding of who you are (at the core of your being).

Ray's messages are always offered with love, care, and understanding. 

There is an answer to every question, a solution to every problem, and several paths to fuller more joyful experiences, and it is their joy to be able to share their perspective with you.

Think of them as friends who've come to offer their warmth and support to you as you journey through life.

As they always say, blessings to you dear one!

Renee & Ray

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