The Shift - Hopeless To Empowered Digital Album

The Shift - Hopeless To Empowered Digital Album


A Guide To Shifting From Feelings Of Hopelessness To Feelings Of Empowerment

10 Tracks + 1 Bonus Track

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You are powerful and worthy beyond measure. You may have picked up some ideas and beliefs along your physical trail however, that cause you to feel disempowered and hopeless. It’s time to shift that.

This digital album is a guide to help you shift from those feelings of hopelessness to feelings of empowerment. Once you begin to reassess and utilize your power, your external world and experiences will shift as a result of the change you’ve made internally.

Through this body of work, Ray (my spirit guides) and I will give you the keys to guide you through this shift.

Track Line-Up

Track 1: Ray’s Welcome (1:40) (Download Sample)

Track 2: The Feeling Of Hopelessness (4:36)

Track 3: The Feeling Of Empowerment (3:54)

Track 4: The Five Keys To Making The Shift (4:04) (Download Sample)

Track 5: Key #1 – Believe In Yourself (3:32)

Track 6: Key #2 – Build Yourself Up (2:08) (Download Sample)

Track 7: Key #3 – Honor Yourself (1:43)

Track 8: Key #4 – Align With Your Higher Self (2:19)

Track 9: Key #5 – Have Compassion For Yourself (3:50)

Track 10: Summing It All Up (3:43)

Track 11 (Bonus Track): The Flow – Feel The Shift (3:39)

Total Runtime: 35 minutes & 8 seconds

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